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New Year...New Challenge: 60 Days of No Craft Store

Great minds think alike!  I saw your post today about "Using What You Have" and had to share my challenge that I posted on my blog and at  The gist of it is that I...

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Re: This Month on CraftStylish

I just posted a project about my "New Year, New Challenge of No Craft Stores for 60 Days". It is all about using what I have and not buying anything new. It will force me to get creative and is eco-friendly. You can view more about it on my blog too ( but I will be posting projects as I make them. I thought it would be a good idea to throw it out there for others to join in the fun! I love your "cut up the credit cards" concept and using it to create something. It would be a good reminder everytime you looked at it to use what you have! Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

Re: Wood Pendants With Pretty Papers

These are so fun! What do you use to clear coat them? I have tried a few but am curious what your favorite brand is. Thanks for sharing.

Re: How to Recycle Magazines into Jewelry

This is great. Thank you for sharing the detailed tutorial. I can't wait to try it.