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Valentine Decorations

Astrid is really getting excited about Valentine's Day. It's one of our faves. Maybe it is yours too? We got Astrid's assortment of Valentine bandanas up in her Etsy shop a couple of weeks ago...

Wavy Crochet Afghans

The orginal inspiration for my afghans was when my granddaughter asked me to crochet her one in her ASU school colors. I don't like piecing things together, and while I admire so much the work of...

Hand Embroidered Dog Bandanas

Cross stitch hand embroidery, also known as 'chicken scratch' is fun and easy.

Patriotic Red Gingham with Blue Gingham Stars Applique Dog Bandana

Astrid will be ready for Summer and all of it's parades and picnics in this handmade dog bandana.

Crochet Santa

For several people that supported our shelter dog efforts all year, I crocheted a Santa.

Crochet Ice Cream

I love the look of my table set with crochet sundaes and fresh dahlias.

Crochet Little Girls

These adorable little girls were crocheted using a pattern from K and J Dolls. I posted them on Facebook for Friendship Day.

Embroidered Piggy

This little piggy serves no purpose except to be a pleasant thinking of you gift. How easy can it get? Hand embroider something the recipient really enjoys in life onto a piece of muslin, sandwich a...

Crochet Doggie Sweaters

I've been experimenting with crochet doggie sweaters lately. Pictured are the three I've completed so far. The pattern is for all one piece but I prefer the tummy strap with button closure for...

Crochet Cloche Hats

I love the look of these 1920 Cloches. The pattern was easy and free from Lion Brand.

Stash Busting Bookmarks

While looking on the 'net for stash busters, I came across this fabulous book mark tutorial. Because I make a great deal of dog bandanas and dog collars, I end up with lots of long, narrow pieces of...

Knit Spring Hat

This spring hat was knit on a round loom with 100% cotton yarn. The crochet flower has a pearl inserted in the center.

Embroidered Butterfly

Learning to use my new Brother embroidery sewing machine is proving lots of fun. This is my first ever completed project. I've learned a little about stabilizers and a lot about hooping.

Crochet Valentine Goodie/Gift Bag

Sometimes I like to pick up some yarn and a crochet hook and see what happens. This little crochet Valentine goodie bag was crocheted in two pieces.

Knit Hats

I love to knit whether it is with knitting needles or on a loom. These cute hats were knit on a 9.5" circular loom with two strands of yarn held together. Hearts are crochet.

Crochet Mesh Shawl

For some reason, all Charlotte restaurants think 55 degrees is a good thing and the draft from the overhead vents was ruining every meal out. I made this simple mesh shawl from Red Heart soft blue...

Crochet Brown Ruffle Scarf

I've added another ruffle scarf to my collection. This one was made to be a November present for my sister.

Crochet Mesh Scarf

This crochet green mesh scarf is approximately 48 inches long. A pretty little dahlia flower adorns each end.

Halloween Gift/Treat Bag

In each of these bags, the two fabrics are fused together. 

Reversible Tote Bag

This is a reversible, shoulder carry tote bag created in a Mexican folklorico Dias de los Meurtos cotton print.

Dias de los Meurtos Tote Bag

This handcrafted bag is made from a Mexican folklorico cotton print. I had never heard of the Day of the Dead until moving to the little Mexico/US border town of Nogales, where we spent 12 years...

Crochet Ruffle Scarf

  This is the fourth in my collection of ruffle scarves that I'm creating.  

Crochet Ruffle Scarves

I love to crochet ruffle scarves. I'm working on a collection with these three finiished thus far. I have two more I'm working on to complete my collection.  

recent comments

Re: Book Giveaway: Kaffe Fassett's Brilliant Little Patchworks

I'm fascinated by this craft! I hope I win this book.

Re: Book Giveaway: How to Sew

I've been sewing for a while, but I think having some lessons from someone 'in the know' about sewing would be very beneficial.

Re: Origami Book Giveaway

I'd love to take my folding skills to a new level!

Re: Crochet Valentine Goodie/Gift Bag

So sorry! No pattern....I just made the design up as I crocheted.

Re: The Winners of The Night Before Christmas in Crochet are...

I received my book and it is just gorgeous! The story is so well told and illustrated and the terrific directions will make it easy to crochet my own 'Night Before Christmas in Crochet' for next Christmas.

Re: Book Giveaway: The Prayer Shawl Journal and Guidebook

I'd love to add this book to my knit and crochet library.

Re: The Winners of The Night Before Christmas in Crochet are...

I am really excited to have won this! I hope to have the Night Before Christmas in crochet all made and ready to post for Christmas '14. Thank you so much!

Re: The Big Quilter's Giveaway!

I made a small quilt for an animal shelter to help keep a homeless pup warm and to give them something of their very own.

Re: Book Giveaway: The Night Before Christmas in Crochet

Owning this book would be wonderful. Making The Night Before Christmas in crochet would be a fabulous project.

Re: Win a Copy of ScrapTherapy Scraps Plus One!

What a beautiful quilt pictured on the stair rail. This book makes all our scraps look like a wonderland just waiting to be turned into something beautiful.

Re: Book Giveaway: Kids' Crafternoon

What fun! I'd love to win one of these books.

Re: Winner of the 2012 Dare to Make it Contest

Congratulations! Your ornaments are beautiful. Enjoy your prizes!

Re: How to Make a Cookie House Village

I tackled the real thing...a gingerbread house...this year. These look cuter, easier and very festive! I think a cookie house village is in my 2013 Christmas future.

Re: Book Giveaway: Sweater Girls

What fun it would be to make and wear these vintage style sweaters!

Re: Don't Miss Your Chance to Enter the Dare to Make it: Holiday 2012!

Great prizes for this holiday contest!

Re: Choose the Winner of the bernette by BERNINA "My World" Inspirational Contest!

All the entries were fabulous, making it very difficult to choose. I finally made up my mind by imagining myself wearing one that I had thought would never be my style. So delicate and detailed, I knew I had to vote for that one.

Good luck to all entries!

Re: Book Giveaway: Scary Sock Creatures and Other Halloween Crafts!

I'd love to get into some creepy crafting with these books!

Re: Amigurumi Cupcakes

These are adorable! They look so special in that basket.

Re: Socks for Stephen

Love the Jester sock from the Big Book Of Socks. I'd love to win that book and make some!

Re: Embroidered Butterfly

Oh no...I'm just learning right now. Thank you for your interest!

Re: Book Giveaway: Kaffe Fassett's Quilts in Sweden

What a beautiful book! I'd love to win.

Re: Win Seasons 1 & 2 of Teach Yourself to Sew on DVD

This would be a fabulous way to learn sewing skills. I hope I win!

Re: Project Runway 9: Come As You Are

I've been looking forward to the return of this show so much! It's too early for me to develop favorites...their personalities and talents haven't really shown through yet. I loved the first challenge...as always, the abilities and ingenuity of these people is inspiring.

Re: And the Winner of the SewStylish Prom Dress to Impress Contest is...

This is beautiful! Congratulations.

Re: "Project Runway" Season 9 Premieres This Thursday

I am so looking forward to this season!

Re: Book Giveaway: Puppet Play

Who doesn't love adorable puppets! This book looks wonderful and I hope I win.

Re: Book Giveaway: World of Geekcraft

I'd love to win this book on geek crafting! Wow...what an addition to my craft book library. Can't wait until the drawing to see if the winner is ME! This is a real super prize.

Re: How to Crochet a Chunky Last-Minute Scarflet

I noticed this before, but didn't mark it. I'm so glad I was easily able to find it again because I'll be making it soon. Love all your ideas from buttons to large safety pins as closures!

Re: SewStylish Fall Jacket Challenge Winner

Congratulations MaterialThing! Your jacket is beautiful.

Re: And the Winner of Kaffe Fassett's Quilts en Provence is...

Congratulations anttibear and briezzy4!

Re: Book Giveaway: Kaffe Fassett's Quilts en Provence

What a beautiful book. I hope it ends up on my bookshelf!

Re: What is your favorite sewing book?

I like SEW Sew Everything Workshop by Diana Rupp. I learn the basics from this book, then play with my own variations.

Re: One Hour Art Deco dress

Love this dress. Simply gorgeous the different ways you can wear it! I'm partial to the way you gathered it at the waist with the folds falling in one place...

Re: Enter the SewStylish Jacket Challenge

This is a little beyond my capabilities right now, but I'm looking forward to everyone's entry!

Re: Project Runway: There's a Pattern Here

What an emotional show that was! First the families appearing out of nowhere, then Mondo's revelation. I think the stress showed in everyone's, excluding Mondo's, final designs in a negative way

If Valerie's repetitive obsession with folded napkins was nearly as voguish as Leanne Marshall's (season 5) obsession with beige and turquoise in her final collection was, she may not have gone home last night. Unfortunately, that's all it was...repetitive. Goodbye to a nice girl who, it seems, is short on style.

Mondo was the clear winner in more ways than one.

Re: Friday Etsy Roundup: Umbrella Inspired Crafts

Love it all, the dress especially.

Re: How to Make This Pretty Pink Clutch

What a great tutorial! Love the bag...

Re: Project Runway: Race to the Finish

Mondo's design was probably the best choice for winner this week. I loved his second 'wearable' look. I'm glad to see whiny Ivy go home as I've not thought any one of her designs has had merit this season. I do believe what the others are saying...she is a great seamstress but falls far short of being even a mediocre designer. Even though the judges really liked it, Gretchen's design looked like something old ladies wear when they 'accidently' gain a hundred pounds! Valerie tries and tries and I'm glad to see she will have the opportunity to try once more.

Re: Halloween Flower Hair Clip - Purple/Green/Orange

Very cute! That baby in your Etsy listing is super cute in her's too.

Re: Project Runway: A Rough Day on the Runway

I think of all the attempts at interpreting Jackie O's elegance in sportswear, Mondo did come the closest. Andy couldn't have been further with those voluminous cargo pants, but I don't think he deserved the bashing the judges gave him, especially the invitation to 'come here and look for yourself'. Ivy's look was elegant but there were too many 'loose ends' in the back for it to have the clean lines that Jackie always had. Is Christopher a one dress act? We saw that exact same dress earlier in the season...go back and review his designs if you don't remember it in black. I was interested in Michael's design until I realized he was leaving the gathers on the outside and it resembled something from Little House On The Prairie. Mondo was a class act in his get up too. Oh, to be a designer and have a license to be quirky!

Re: Knitting Tip: How to Stuff a Plush Toy (So It Looks Great)

I had no idea. I violated all the rules of stuffing toy dog bones, especially 1 through 3. With this advice, they should be looking better from now on! Thanks.

Re: A Clock That Knits

Besides being beautiful, this knitting clock also beautifully illustrates the concepts of patience and persistence.

Re: needle felted blue bird on branch with needle lace gold leaves

It is all so delicate and very pretty!

Re: New items listed on StitchnStudio

This is so very pretty. I wonder if the buttons are decorative or if they are functional for easy on and off. I can see this on top of a pretty red coat.

Re: Not Your Grandma's Crochet Washcloths - Candy Corn!

These are very pretty and would really dress up a personal spa! They look super soft.

Re: knitted shrug

Very nice!

Re: And the Winner of Crochet Adorned is...

Congratulations. You will have so much fun with that book!

Re: And the Winners of Craft Hope are...

Congratulations to all of you. What a very special book you have won. Make great things!

Re: How to Crochet Cute Christmas Ornaments

I like these! When I saw what they were, I was thinking they might look a little 'folksy' for my taste, but the tree she chose makes a the difference. Those decorations are pretty spiffy and I'm going to have made a few collections by Christmas.

Re: Project Runway: What's Mine is Yours

I've been to a few nice resorts in my lifetime and have never seen anything worn like April's design. I agree that it looks more like a baby doll nightie than resort wear. I wish April all the best. I am partial because she is from near where I live.

I wish the judges ageism was not so blatant. Casanova will be missed and so will his tasteful designs. I could so see myself in his outfit at a resort dining room following a fun day golfing or around the pool.

Ivy should have spent a little more time on the Piperlime accessory wall picking out a little jewelry to go with that plain outfit of hers.