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How to: Magical Analog Animation

In this tutorial, I'll teach you the technique to make these magical little analog animations. The applications are endless! Have fun!   You can find PDF resources for this tutorial in this post...

How To: Mini LP Record Gift Tags

Add a little bling to the outer wrapping of any gifts you give this year.

How to Divide Anything into Equal Parts

So often as a crafter, you need to divide an odd piece of material into an even number of pieces. This technique will allow you to divide anything into any number of equal parts using only a ruler. I...

How to make Paper Portraits

A video tutorial from dudecraft.com on creating paper portraits.

Woven Button Coaster

Inspired by Linda Permann's tutorial on CraftStylish, I started playing around with different designs and stitching patterns. I ended up with this floral motif that, I must say, I'm pretty pleased...

Spring Scarf from old t-shirts

Here in the Dirty South, we've been having some unseasonably warm weather, but the nights are still pretty cool. It's that in-between time when you want a scarf, but not a heavy one. So, after being...

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Re: How to make Paper Portraits

Thanks for the comments everybody! Jeff Rudell, where have you been? Tell us what's up with you!

Re: Real Men Knit and Sew

Matt, Thanks so much for the nice post including DudeCraft. Through running my blog, I've met (virtually) so many great guys who are out there making stuff these days. I think there's a real groundswell against couch-potatoism at the moment and it's very encouraging. People, male and female, are answering their inner voice that is saying: "create, create, create." Now, if we can just get rid of the gender lines altogether, we can have one big craft party.

On a side note, it's Johnny Murder who runs Manbroidery, not "Murderer". Oh, and don't forget our buddy from across the pond, Mr. X Stitch. http://www.mrxstitch.com/

Thanks again for the great post. It's nice to have another voice in the mix!



Re: siouxsie t-shirt tote bag

Nicely done!

Re: Crafting Editorial Props: A Case Study


Great article. Really useful. I appreciate how much time and detail you put into your articles.



Re: How to Decoupage a Tray


You really hit another one out of the park with this project! Gorgeous! As usual, I have linked to it on DudeCraft.com.



Re: How to "Waste" Paper

Nicely done. I always love your stuff.