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Flower made from stocking

You can make a variety of flower from stocking. You need:1.Stocking from diferent colors, green stocking for the leaf. 2 wire. and a thinker wire for the stem 3. floral tape 4 thread to tie the...

Hip's belt

Macrame hip's belt in polypropaline

Flower power made from stocking

I was think what to do with my old stocking? so I did some reserch and I lerned that Japanese makes beautiful flower from stocking, so I ask a friend who live in Japan to send me some books. I...

Macrame bag

Macrame bag 10x13" braided cord , Why should i win? because This is my first macrame job, I learned all by myself, I am not professional but I think i did a pretty good job.

Flower made from stocking

Flower made from stocking, used and new stocking, It is a very beautiful ornament, I always ask my friends to keep their stocking for my crafts.

EM macrame

Macrame beach bag

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Re: BOOK GIVEAWAY: The Felted Bag Book

I am a craft lover. I'll love to win the book!

Re: Depth Charge: How to Make a Splash and Get Paid for it.

I love it and thanks for the encouragement, It really nice of you to tell us your story.

Re: Jonwen Jewelry and other Designs

I love it, and thanks for commet about my flowers I don't sell the flowers online only to friends. I also macrame, chochet and making jewelry, I love your work!!!

Re: Graphic Eco Bag

I love it!! Kaylene