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Re: How to Make an Out-of-the-Ordinary T-Shirt Quilt: Part One

Hi, Erika. I am starting to be a quilter now. i finished my first quilt and the second is in the way. I just loved the idea to make a quilt using old t-shirts. I never saw it before. My mother was a quilter, and my grand too. We are brazilian, then because is so hot here, we used cotton cloth to do quilts . But it is so much better. Thanks a lot. I almost can*t wait to start to do my old t-shirts quilt.

Re: How to Crochet a Rug out of T-Shirts

Olá. Ótima idéia! Mal posso esperar pra começar a fazer. E, com esse projeto, ainda estaremos contribuindo pra diminuir a qunatidade de lixo no planeta, uma vez que utiliza camisetas usadas. Parabéns!!!