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Re: How to Transform Holiday Tins

Recycling is a really good way to reduce non-biodegradable wastes while creating something useful without the need to spend additional money. This set of reused storage tins looks really creative and attractive which also serves a beneficial purpose at the very same time. These tins would definitely do me good because extra storage space can never go wrong. All the bits and pieces lying all over the place can sit perfectly in these tins and nothing will go missing again.

Re: Clear Storage pouches for small craft supplies

I really like the idea behind these clear storage pouches. They make it easy to see the items inside at just the first glance for easy retrieval always. I think I would try to make one of these to store bits and pieces of stuff lying on my desk like keys, paper clips and so on. Not only do these pouches keep them neat inside but they also keep the dust away. Such a convenient storage solution. Thanks for sharing.

Re: The "Times" They Are A-Changing: How to Make a Basket from a Newspaper

There are actually so many different ways to recycle used items we have lying around at home. All we need is some creativity and the right tools to do the job. I am really awed by this newspaper pet bed cum storage idea though, because I never knew paper could be transformed into something so solid and sturdy. However, it honestly does not look that simple to create because weaving skills are needed in order to create the walls of the bed. Nonetheless, with much practice, I am pretty sure it is achievable.

Re: How do you store your fabric stash?

I am not really the artistic or expressive kind of sewist. Thus, I personally prefer to stow away my stash in a storage cabinet with drawers regardless of how beautiful they may all look if arranged carefully together (or dumped altogether to create a rainbow). I am really afraid if I try too hard, I might just produce clutters instead of a beautiful canvas of colours. There are little compartments in the drawers which separate the different colours for easy retrieval afterwards.