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Preparing Your New Home

It's so exciting to move into a new house or apartment, after it's been cleaned! Looks like everything is set and ready for your move to your new home! You've settled your employment and your kids...

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Re: How to Craft with Gourds

I actually like the idea of using a gourd as a birdhouse! It's something a bit different from the normal ideas out there and something that can really be functional and pretty for the house. Not to mention assisting the birds and wildlife in the vicinity while we're at it too!

Re: How to Make Simple White Paper Flowers

This Is something that my wife would potentially like. The idea of not having to throw away dead or drying out flowers while having a nice centrepiece year round will definitely be something she'll look forward too! And it looks like it's really simple to get the end look like this too! Thanks for sharing!

Re: How to Make a Beautiful Paper Lantern

I would not have thought it so simple to make a shade like this for a candle. I think that it just shows your creativity and makes me really impressed! I just feel so warm and Christmassy seeing this! Do continue to post up other designs for votive candles if you come up with more!

Re: 4 Ways to Make Paper Flowers with Jeffery Rudell

Looking through this article makes me wonder just how many sorts of flowers can be easily crafted from paper? I guess if I did a Google search I would be absolutely overwhelmed by the things that you can do! I'd have a veritable garden if I ever got around to making all of them too! Haha!

Re: How to Turn an Item for Recycling into a Beautiful Vase

I remember doing some other sort of basket weaving with used magazines that ended up looking something like this! Isn't it really wonderful when you can make good use of the things that you have at home to make something pretty and useful for the house!