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Paper Chandelier

This Chandelier was inspired by Jeffery Rudell. When i was surfing the web one day i thought it was a spectacular idea to make a chandelier out of paper for my cut paper portfolio, and i ran across...

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Re: Black Paper Chandelier

Really well done, I was inspired by the same project as you and did my own version of it but it was not as nice or as clean as yours, and i had to make some alteration because of the environment in which mine was to be used. I also made my own template but it worked out okay. I will hopefully be posting a small picture and would love your feedback. Again, awesome job!

Re: How to Make a Paper Chandelier

This was a wonderful project, I really enjoy cut paper art/sculpture and am working on making a portfolio of this type of work. I was so inspired i decided i would go out and make one myself. It in no way came out as well as yours it was definitively not as clean but that was probably because i rushed through the project. Ill put up a picture of my version and i will hopefully be redoing it and making a cleaner one. One more thank you so much for sharing this with us.