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Re: Make a Button Choker

thats soo cool i love the idea of it i might just try that

Re: Three Way to Make a Button Link Necklace

that so cool i love the idea

Re: How to Create a Retro Cocktail Apron

thats so cool love it

Re: How to Make Pretty Pincushions

my grandma love these thanks i love them too

Re: My Summer of Hand-Sewn Dresses

love the halter top its so cute

Re: How to Make a Super-Easy Triangle Halter Top

thats cool maybe ill make it today

Re: How To: Organize Your Buttons

thats a cool idea i might try that cause i have a ton of buttons my grandma gave me a whole gar i dont know what to do with them !!!!!! ahhhhh Button overload!!!!!

Re: Use a Twin Needle to Make a Reusable "Corrugated" Coffee Cup Sleeve

thats so cool my parents will totally love cause they are always on the go with coffee cup[s in hand but its always to hot so they have to use a napkin to wrap it with! how wasteful but now i have something to fix it with thanks:)

Re: How to Make a Super-Simple Crochet Hook Caddy

ohhhh thats so gret nice and simple is the way to keep it !!!!!

Re: How to Make Fabric Envelopes

cute i might try it

Re: How to Make Fabric-Covered Butterfly Wings

im going to try them without the person i mean leave just the wings because they look like butterflys already to me :)

Re: How to Make an Inset Pocket

thats so cool thanks for uploading it

Re: How to Make Paper Ornaments

thats so cant wait to decorate my room with them

Re: How-to: English Paper Piecing Project

i love it cant wait to try it out

Re: Paper Piecing

nice love the colors!!

Re: How to Make a Doily Bowl

aww its to cute my things now have a cute place to go

Re: How to Sew a Machine Blindstitch Hem

that is too cool thanks for this want to try it right away

Re: How to Transform a Natty Cashmere Sweater into a New Designer Original

thats so cool cant wait to try

Re: Make It Pink: Cocktail Ring!

that sounds like fun thanks

Re: How to Make a Custom Photo Album

thats cool love the idea

Re: Organize Your Ribbons!

thats cool i love all of the colors

Re: How to Make This Pretty Pink Clutch

thats so cool i love it

Re: How to Make Leaf Coasters

i love the idea its great!!!

Re: Make a Good Luck Rabbit Key Chain That Even a Rabbit Can Love

awww thats so cute cant wait to try it

Re: How to Make a Collapsible Travel Dish for Your Pet

thats a great idea for trips thanks!!!!

Re: Wear Your Favorite Animal Close to Your Heart

thats so cool im totally going to do a turtle!!!!

Re: How to Make a Button-Embellished Notebook Cover

omg that is so cute cant wait to try it!!!!

Re: How to Make a Kitty Hat (for Humans)

OMG my friend would totally love this thanks so much for posting it now i know what to make her for her birthday!!!!!<3 :)