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Purse Perfection

One day i was bored so i decided to start puts colors and stripes together and this is what i got.if you want one e-mail me. Tell me which colors, which way horizantally or vertically.And what youll...

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Re: Book Giveaway: Betz White's "Sewing Green: 25 Projects Made with Repurposed & Organic Materials"

This is the best idea,yet! I go to school every day. Wasting
plastic day by day. If I make 4 thats for everyone in my house and they'll love them.Thanks

Re: JAM Designs

this is one flipping hot bag!

Re: pretty n pink

its a beautiful bracelet and it comes in my favorite colors.

Re: Bottle cap pincushions

they are super big are they?

Re: Fiberfads!

do you glue the hearts and stuff on?

Re: Valentine's Apron

its beutiful , i wish i could make something like that.

Re: How to Embroider a Pillowcase Valentine

this is such a great idea, and you can embroider more than just as valentine on it too!

Re: How to Piece a Puppy Pocket and Put It on a Purse

this is adorably i want to make it so bad !

Re: How to Embroider a Chew Toy for Man's (My) Best Friend

i have a bishon frise and she would love this , the only thing i would have to add is a squek thing .

Re: Valentine's Day

their so adorable.

Re: Christmas gifts

i love the clutch ! how did you make it ?

Re: Purse Perfection

sorry my e-mail is [email protected]

Re: How to Make a Catnip Pillow and Blanket

absolutly adorable. doesn't the rice make it uncomfortable?