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Jewelry for those who love to stand out in the crowd...

Fate and Necessity was created to urge people to stand out from the crowd.

Every piece of jewelry is designed to be unique and fun to wear.

All of the jewelry is one of a kind or is produced in limited editions. No two pieces are exactly alike. Why? Because it is more fun that way. How many times can one say that they purchased something that no one else has?

A few words on Ananke, the goddess of fate and necessity...

In Greek mythology, Ananke was a primordial ancient Greek goddess of inevitability, the personification of destiny, necessity and fate. She appears as a serpentine being, and marks the beginning of the cosmos, along with Chronos, in the Orphic cosmogony. Together they surrounded the primal egg of solid matter and so brought about the creation of the ordered universe.

craft interests: fashion, jewelry making, restyle, sewing

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Wire Wrapped Earrings, Swarovski Crystal Earrings, Amber Earrings, Snake Shaped Earrings, Brass Earrings, Copper Earrings, Twisted Earrings

These luxe, caramel earrings are a great addition to your autumn wardrobe! They feature a combination of 20 gauge natural brass and 20 gauge artisan copper wire twisted and swirled into a seductive...