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full bloom

As the dogwood blooms outside my kitchen window, I have been so captivated by its beauty that I know I have to try to capture it. Thus, I have hand knitted and felted a perpetual dogwood bloom from...

the sherbet

The cool, fruity flavors of orange, strawberry, and lemon sherbet all mixed together in a delicious warm weather dessert. That's what this 100% cotton tote reminds me of. Hand knitted in bright...

terra cotta pincushions

"Terra cotta" or "baked earth" is the basis for these decorative pincushions.  Just as the dry, clay earth can be watered and fed by the elements thus bringing forth vegetation and beauty, so...

"Krafty" knitting needle holder

After cleaning and removing the label of a large Parmesan Cheese container, I measured and cut a colorful cotton drying cloth to wrap around it.  I used a coordinating cloth to make button hole...

chicks n nests

Ah, Springtime! Yellow, flowers, sunshine, eggs, chicks, nests...chicks in nests like these hand knitted and stuffed yellow chicks with dainty colorful collars tucked in their own hand knitted nests...

Fiberfads! robin's nest

Taking my cue from the robins that are flocking to my yard, I hand knitted this nest with eggs just in time for Spring. Using 100% merino wool in dark brown and light tan, I created the base of the...

Fiberfads! hand knitted bangle

Each bright colored bangle begins as a heavy duty pressed cardboard bracelet blank. Next, a 100% cotton fabric is hand stitched around the blank. Finally, the covering is hand knitted of 100% merino...

Fiberfads! young man's tie

Hand knitted of a fine wool and nylon yarn with size 1 needles and lined in a pale blue polyester, this tie will be a hit on your young man this Spring. The varying shades of blue would complement a...

Fiberfads! mardi gras ribbon pouch

The bejeweled tones in this ribbon pouch shimmer beautifully especially when the draw strings are pulled and the simple 8x6 inch rectangle becomes an evening pouch.

Fiberfads! tea time purse

The title of this sweet handbag comes from the lining...a durable cotton print of all things tea which accents the soft pink basket weave of the hand knit exterior. 

sewing needle books

Crafted from polyester felt, these needle books are decorated with embroidery and needle felting so that you can store your sewing needles in style.

cell phone cozy

Hand knitted and felted of 100% wool in a bright array of colors, these cell phone cozies hook to the strap of your purse and then are dropped inside so the phone can easily be found when your ring...

Fiberfads! cream capelet

This hand knitted capelet is soft and creamy.  Its the second com pletion of a special order in case the customer doesn't like the style of the first one.  Maybe she'll like both and thus...

White Capelet

This white capelet is hand knitted of an acrylic/wool blend with a shimmering thread throughout that really makes it sparkle in the light.  It is available on my etsy site and would certainly...

Fiberfads! Kids' Corner

These items are just right for children to purchase for moms, dads, grandparents, teachers, and siblings.  Fiberfads! has them priced at $5 and under with FREE shipping. Check them out at...

Fiberfads! gift card holder

This St. Valentine gift card holder is cut from 100% wool and needle felted with a design that shouts out "Happy St. Valentine's Day"!


cut from wool felt; needle felted design


Hand knitted and felted of 100% wool. Perfect for lunch, library books, yarn, market bag


hand knitted and felted of 100% merino wool


hand knitted and machine felted of merino wool in rose, gray, pink, green, cream


hand knitted of wool and fun-fur


hand knitted of wool and novelty yarn


hand-knitted and felted wool


Knitted and felted of 100% wool.


knitted and felted of 100% wool

Fiberfads! Just sold!

Hand knitted and felted of 100% wool.


This trivet and 4 coasters set is hand knitted and felted of 100% wool and then needle felted with a merry Christmas Wreath.

recent comments

Re: How to Brighten a Rainy Day Brunch

This is delightful! I host a hospitality club for girls 10-13 years old and we just planned an outdoor tea for their mothers. Indeed I had to explain that on the intended date it may very well rain and we will need a set of indoor plans just in case. I talked to them about flexibility. This post and table decor is a perfect example of my lesson!

Re: Flower Basket Handbags

This is classic! I love all of your entries, but especially the red diamond one.

Re: Ceramic Woven Basket

This is gorgeous.

Re: Book Giveaway - Backcountry Betty: Roughing It in Style

Another great sounding book!

Re: Book Giveaway - Craft Challenge: Dozens of Ways to Repurpose a Pillowcase

Another great looking book!

Re: Book Giveaway: Eco Craft: Recycle Recraft Restyle

I'd love it!

Re: The Craftonomics of Our Handmade Nation

When I was a child, I loved the idea of giving handmade gifts but never had any idea how to construct them. (I did not come from a crafty family.) As an adult, while my knitting skills were developing, I only made gifts for friends and family. I felt that the art of knitting was for giving. Then, I discovered a local women's shelter who was in desperate need of funds. I thought maybe I could share this "giving" concept with someone outside of my personal zone. Fiberfads! was born with the proceeds being donated to this shelter. Although I have not made much money from sales, the little I have made has been helpful.

Could I live off of my sales? Absolutely not, but I suppose I never thought about knitting and felting as a job, more as a passion for creating something with my hands that could be passed on to someone else...someone else who would understand the worth of handmade goods. That's why I like to sell to other crafters because they "get it."

I'm pretty sure I would knit whether there was someone to knit for or not. The excitement of taking a mess of yarn and forming a practical or artistic creation is just too great for me to ignore!

Adele from Fiberfads!

Re: Make a Vase Out of a Plastic Bottle

I am truly amazed. I often want to take my own arrangement of flowers to friends but don't have a vase. This would be perfect.

Re: Fiberfads! tea time purse

This great purse just sold today! Yeah!


Re: And the Winner of Sewing Green Is...

Wow, thank you! I can't wait to spend time with this book. The more I sew, knit, and felt, the more I look at possible materials to use in the process. I am sure this book will help open my eyes to new possibilities.

Do I need to send CraftStylish any mailing info, or do you have it on file?

Thanks again for offering this fun book!

Adele from Fiberfads!

Re: Book Giveaway: Chic & Simple Sewing by Christine Haynes

I'd love this book!

Re: Knit on the Net Provides Free Hip Crochet and Knitting Patterns

These styles are so romantic and timeless...yet does one dare to don them in our culture of crude and crass clothing? Maybe it's time to dare! If I was only as young and lovely as the model.........


Re: Book Giveaway: Jenny Ryan's Sew Darn Cute!

What gorgeous colors! I'd love this book.

Re: Make a Covered-Button Bracelet and Ring Set

My goodness, I like this!

Adele from Fiberfads!

Re: Book Giveaway: Crafty Chica's Guide to Artful Sewing!

Sounds like a great book!

Re: Happy Fat Tuesday: Eat Pancakes!

Having just finished a waffle dinner (they're faster to make for a crowd than pancakes...especially when you're using 3 waffle irons), I found this post delightful. The custom of Fat Tuesday (pancake tuesday) comes from the day when fasting during Lent was actually challenging: no meat or dairy products for the entire Lenten season. Thus, since refrigeration was limited at best, the household would cook up all the dairy the night before Ash Wednesday so that nothing would spoil and be wasted. What a way to use a lot of dairy...pancakes. Of course, its also a big carb load to help you through the fasting on Ash Wednesday. Either way, what a great tradition.

Re: Fiberfads! tea time purse

Thanks so much for the kind words. I do love to fashion and make purses...and who doesn't need another purse?! Have a great day.

Adele from

Re: Fiberfads!

to Fashion Sweetie13: No, I needle felt them on so that they become part of the felt itself.

adele from

Re: How to Make a Valentine's Day Felt-Fortune Cookie and Ring

This is adorable and so doable...especially if you have a lot of Valentine's. I'm going to make up a bunch of these and send them to my college daughter and her friends.

Thanks! Adele from

Re: Knitchicgrace

This is lovely.

adele from

Re: Machine Embroidered and Made from Scratch Casserole Carrier

This is just beautiful!!

Adele from

Re: Bowl Bonnets

Too fun!

Adel from

Re: Enhance Your Valentine Cards with a Crocheted Border

Very sweet!


Re: Light switch covers

I really like these. I have a room decorated in Outer Bank, NC decor and a little map of Hatteras on the light switch plate would look great. Thanks for hte idea.


Re: The Beginning!

I'm back! This is exquisite. May I ask If it was done by hand or by your new machine? In either case, the colors and threads are lovely...very delicate.

Thanks for your kind words about my knitting and felting. I do love the craft. If you haven't already, check out my etsy shop for my items listed there for purchase. I don't have any trivets for sale now, but if there is something you have in mind, I would be happy to do a special order for you. Just let me know.

Have a great weekend.

Adele form
All proceeds go to a local women's shelter.

Re: A Crafty Retreat in the Woods

That sounds marvelous. I do have crafty friends but we all have large maybe in about 10 years or so...a girl can dream!

Adele from Fiberfads!

Re: The Beginning!

These are absolutely beautiful...from the color combinations, to the shaping, to the stitches. I especially love the placemat with the napkin holder. Actually, I love them all.

Good luck to you.
Adele from Fiberfads!

Re: How to Draft a One-Seam Skirt in 30 Minutes

How wonderful is this! Can't wait to try it. Thanks.

Re: How to Sew Pouches for Your Craft Supplies

I especially like the crochet hook pouch and would like to use the concept for knitting needles.