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Re: Embellish a T-shirt with Ribbon

Thanks for sharing the idea, but I agree with RitaBB and Petunia4141 - to my mind it appears that someone has dropped a scrap of ribbon on the T-shirt and not bothered to tidy up after themselves once they have finished sewing. I don't find it stylish or trendy and think there could have been far better ways to put this together. I also love embellishing, but this does not fall into this category. Horrible.

Re: How to Make a Recycled Bib

Your bib is so cute, and a really lovely gift idea. I just tried to make one, but think my printer settings must have been off - the pattern was smaller than you say and so I can't really turn it inside out! It looks like prem baby size :p
However, I loved the material I used: old PJ brushed cotton as CraftyDame suggests, with bears on and then denim and gingham on the reverse. I changed it slightly so that the denim is all at the top, and the gingham from the cut line down to the bottom. I will persevere and do another!