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How to Carve Your Own Stamps

Carve then use stamp pads or paint to decorate anything and everything.

How to Decorate a Sugar Skull

Use traditional sweet-based decorations or quick-to-play bottled paints on your sugar skull. Jump in on any dia to get ready for Dia de los Muertos.

How to Make a Quick-Like-a-Bunny Button Headband

A handful of buttons, needle, thread, store-bought elastic band + a 30-minute TV show = supercute accessory!

How to Make Button Cluster Pins

A few buttons are simple, accessible, and fashionable—in a snap! Put a few together in a cluster to sass up a hat, a jacket, some gloves, a scarf—here's the know-how to get you buttoned up!

How to Make Wearable Wings

Your imagination can soar! Bird, butterfly, bat, or dragonfly...or your own design. Goth them out, pretty them up, and wear the heck out of them this Halloween!

How to Make Monocolor Scrapbook, Journal, and Wrapping Papers

Simple techniques for taking sheets of paper from plain to pumped.

How to Make a Bridal Barrette

As a costume element or for the real deal, this bridal barrette is simple, sassy, and satisfying to make for yourself or as a gift.

How to Attach Handles to a Bag

There are super-cool manufactured handles aplenty, ready and waiting for your bags and satchels. Here are a few ideas for attachments.

A Creative Possibility: Art Fiber Fest in the Pacific Northwest!

There's still some room in classes at Art Fiber Fest October 22–26, 2008.

How to Make Fabric-Covered Butterfly Wings

These butterfly wings are suitable in miniature with crafter's wire for dolls, stuffed animals, sculptures, and ornaments. They are super cool for any altered art projects!

Howdy There

A quick hello and high-five to all of you! Let's PLAY!

How to Make Fabric Envelopes

Whether you have minutes or hours, these fabric envelopes can hold a gift or BE a gift.

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Re: How to Make a Headband from an Old T-Shirt

love it, love it, love it! wahoo - high five!...neighbor!

Re: Needlepoint Fish Cushion

supergreat design y work, RubyKitty!
Lub it!

Re: Fabric Gift Envelope

You're awesome! Don't you absolutely love pockets and holders? What a sweet sweet project!- w