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Glass Jellyfish Pendant

I made this jellyfish pendant with borosilicate glass and an oxygen and propane torch. I blow out a large clear glass bubble and draw the jellyfish design on to the bubble using a small flame and...

Dot Implosion Blown Glass Pendant

Hand Blown Glass Dot Implosion Pendant by Amir Shawn. Named for the process that creates their intricate dot pattern, Glass Dot Implosion pendants are created by drawing dots of colored glass onto a...

Glass Jellyfish Pendant

A blown glass jellyfish pendant by Amir Shawn. Dimensions: 5mm loop hole, 54mm long (from the top of the loop to the bottom of the pendant), 21mm wide.

Glass Mushroom Pendant

A one of a kind glass mushroom pendant handmade by Amir Shawn. Dimensions: 5mm loop hole, 40mm from the top of the loop to the bottom of the pendant, 16mm wide Glass Mushroom pendants are our most...

Lampwork Glass Flower Pendant

A pink glass flower pendant handmade by me in the flame of my torch. Dimensions: 4.5mm loop hole, 37mm from the top of the loop to the bottom of hthe pendant, 24mm wide Realistic down to the last...

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