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Occupy Wall Street Clarification.

This is how I see we can make a difference without blaming : )   Details on my blog!!

Upcycling is the new way to shop! Pass it on!!

Please support upcycling this shopping season!!! This is the new venture I've been working my butt off on!! Check it out and share share share!!!!!!!!!!

Make your own tube top from your boyfriends T-shirt!!

It's easy!!! give it a try here!!    

Embroidery Time

My new Brother embroidery machine finally arrived!!!!  I've been saving for a while for this baby and now it's time to tell you what that means for you!!   Now I can add initials to the...

MASSIVE Tiny Tie Necklace Sale!!

The biggest sale I'll have all year! $26.60 Tiny tie necklaces on for $10!!! Get them before they are gone gone gone!!   Click here for more details!!!

Neckties for Men AND women

It;s been a while since I've been to Craftstylish! I'm glad to be back and posting again!!   I've been working on new things as usual and I wanted to share a few months worth of my hard work...

Custom Neck Ties

H&L is now gearing up for the next Spring Line..and this time we have awesome ties for men too!   Check out the most characteristic ties you've ever seen here!

The Official Neck Tie Reformatory of Toronto


New Years Eve Video (total silliness)

My boyfriend and I liek to make comedy shorts when we're bored and this is one of them...   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gv_W2lzKyw0

Updated wrist bowties!

More here!

NEW! Chunky bowties wristbands

These are upcycled from mens neck ties and made into chunky bowtie wristbands. Easy Velcro snap and soft as heck on your wrist!   These can come big or small, in any colour, and any pattern. I...

Ruffle Necklets for fall-handmade from neck ties

Just in time for fall! These pretty neck accessories will make you feel youthful all day long!   Check our more here!

Handmade Commercial!!!

I finally finsihed the commercial for Handsome&Lace!!   Check it out!!!!

I need your help!!!!!!!!

I am in the midst of retaining a government grant but I need some feedback to help with the viability of my plan!   More deets here! Thanks bummies!!!

Dickens Ties

Dickens ties for women   http://www.etsy.com/shop/HandsomeAndLace

My Etsy Challenge

I have to creat a new design every week for 3 months straight!  DO I have what it takes?   See the details here!!

Belt Pouches

Belt Pouches originally made for my insulin...I have diabetes and often need a safe place to keep my needles and such. But they have been taking over the old version of fanny packs!  Already got...

Mini Things Rule!!

Just finsihed off some adorable mini tie necklaces for fall!   Back to School gooddness for all ages!   YEOW!!

Finally!!! Handsome&Lace makes hairbands for kids!

And you're the first to get a sneak peek!! Right here!!

Working with ties since 2007

I am excited to tell you of a huge make-over in Handsome&Lace's world!! Check it out!!!!

Hand Made guitar straps for Tokyo Police Club

That's right!! I have been enlisted to create one of a kind guitar straps for Tokyo Police Club!! Check out the latest on the straps here!!

Fall Accessories, now on sale !

I've stocked up some very warm and very unique ties for my fall collection! Check it!

If you love ties...

I make almost everything out of neck ties! Have you seen my shop yet?

Women are becoming handsomely beautiful!!

and I love it! Check out my Tuxedo Accessory Line!!

New Tie Bow Hairbands

Hand stitched Hairbands made from preserved Neck Ties!  Very eccentric and pretty!   See more here!

Family Ties

You may have a tie from a great grandfather or the tie your husband wore on your wedding day...   Well, contact me about making these ties into something wearable for yourself. A keepsake of...

What do you call your clothing style?

Take a quick poll to win a hairband by Handsome&Lace!

The Dress I made!

This dress was hand made using upcycled materials. I had this ice cream fabric from when I was 15 and bought my first yard of fabric. I used vintage buttons to adorn this dress and I love it! I wear...

Ceom go with me

On Twitter!  I'll announce my sales here too!   Gievaway coming up soon! 6 fans away on Facebook!!!

The Perfect Bows have arrived!

Find out what makes them so perfect here! Ask for one in any colour and I guarantee I can make it by the next day!

BOGO on all my tie ruffle hairbands today!

Go before they sell out!!!! HERE!

How being broke has made me cool

See how...

Just Sayin'


How do you wear it?

Check it out here!   XOXO

Final Shoe!

Okay, so I was asked by Brown's Shoes to recreate a pair of their shoes for a Celeb and Designer initiative, and I accepted!   Here is the outcome!


I amdot it! I love getting new fans and I always fan back : ) Click here to fan me already!

Stylists and Photographers!!

Please click here!

Tuxedo Accessories for Ladies

New Tuxedo Accessories by Handsome&Lace!

Has anyone seen my Niche?

Please share your likes and dislikes when shopping HERE!

This Tie Is For You!

You can have this tie any way you like!

Lacey new things

New to Esty!!!

The legend of Nuts Hack Johnson

Check out a silly blog!

Today ONLY! June 12 2010

Don't miss this!!!

In case you missed out : (

Here is something to shop about!

Redesigning a pair of Brown's Shoes for a celeb and designer project!!!!

I am so honored!!!!  See the shoes I have to redesign here!!!

What did you do???

Tell me here!

My Miniature Tie Earrings have evolved!!

Check out the new, more realistic design here!!

Soft New things

New stuff!! Check out more!!

Are you a fun person who lives in the GTA?

This is why Monday's will never be lame again...Now you can look forward to it and have a reason to dress fun!

Now is your chance!

Check here for the extended "don't feel plain" sale! Get it while it's there. Every single piece is one of a kind and could be gone forever if you don't kidnap it today!    

The pink dress I made yesterday!

I made this pink dress from material I bought over 10 years ago! Imagine that!

Newest Designs by Handsome&Lace

New stuff!  See details here!

DIY Ice Cream!

It's really quick and easy to make! Check it!

Getting things done!

I'm growing and expanding and living the dream! Check out what i've been doing here!

No Friggin Way!

I finally figured this out and wanted to show you my unique grad treasury!

Are you deterred from shopping online due to shipping costs?

Check out this great offer if you love vintage inspired couture!

Stop carrying your umbrella !!

I hate carrying my umbrella around when I'm not using...espcailly if you have no idea if it's going to rain!   That's why I made the umbrella Sling...Just throw it in and you'll forget you have...

Do you care about buying hand made?

What are some reasons you shop hand made?, or if you don't then express that here too!   You can take a hand made pledge of your own as well!   YEOW!

What did you do now?

Confess here!

The Tie Seek

Must have ties!  Check out my latest blog to see what I'm jibber jabbing about!

Things that give me lady boners

Check it out!

Save when you request a custom piece from Handsome&Lace

Visit my Etsy shop and request a custom order...You instantly save $4 off!  How's that for a deal!?

Silly Me

I like to make random, spur of the moment videos, so here is one from a few years back.   Do you have any idea how hard it was not to laugh throughout the whole thing!   Enjoy!

Do you live in Ottawa?

A really funky little boutique called Workshop in Ottawa is going to be carrying Handsome&Lace!  If you are planning to go shopping for some really cute Spring stuff, then I suggest you...

Earn Free Stuff!

I have collaborated with Comfortably Lovely in Detroit Michigan, and wanted to show you why!   She has made these super adorable, vintage tags for my products so what's going to happen is, if...

Best thing that's happened so far!

I was featured in the National Post!  WHUUUUUT

What makes Handsome&Lace unique?

What is so special about Handsome&Lace?  Read this !     XOXOX

Belt Pouch

Belt pouches hand made to resemble mens business shirt!...Super cute and awesome for carrying stuff in without the need for a purse!   Check it!

Tie Clips

Sweater clips can be used in tons of different ways now!  How would YOU wear one?

Are YOU ready for Prom or graduation season?

Before you go you may want to see this!   -Keira

Rhinestone skull sweater clip

Making sweater clips or as I wear them, pocket clips, has become my obsession!...Take a look at my latest!

Toronto Poll!

Please take a peek at my poll!  That would seem dirty if I was a man. hee hee   If you have time, after taking my poll, please offer a reason why you chose that answer!...It would really...

Do you live in Toronto?

Oh you do!  Well, here you go!...Now you don't have to figure out where to find animals humping inside hand made soap!  Yes! They carry that!   Check it out!

Big Floppy Bow Pins

Newly created Big Bow Pins.  Pin them to jackets, dresses, shirts, blouses, Your BUM!...Totally inspired by the 40's and hand made for you to love!   Go check out more through my Etsy  

My weirdo mind at play...

I do things....   Enjoy!lol

A whole lot of awesomesauce!!!!!

I am so excited!  I finally got to get some photos taken of new product that I have been dying to share. I had a wholesale order from Italy, so I was able to add everything for them as...

Latest Update!

Hey everyone!   I am working hard at some vintage inspired pieces that will make your outfits one to remember!  Just waiting for some good sun to take some fun photos!!   Check it!

New Etsy Adds!

A small collection of recently added items to Etsy!...Please visit my Etsy page or blog!   Thanks!!!!    

New Blog Post!

I have enlisted another crafter to design my Handsome&Lace Tags!  See what we're up to!   Think Vintage ; )   -Keira   Please comment on my blogs!!

Dancing in the kitchen

It isn't often you get to see bloggers in motion let alone dancing so here you!    

I have a stinky new blog!

Hi everyone!   I'm new to craftystylish, but not new to the crafting scene. Just wanted to share my new personal blog, as well as mention that I having a tie clip give away so hurry and give...

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Re: New Tie Bow Hairbands

Thanks so much!!!!!!!!

Re: Has anyone seen my Niche?

Please share as much as you can!!

Re: Now is your chance!

it is also 40% off today!!!

Re: And the Winner of the Amp Up Your Accessories Contest is...

how did I miss this?

Ah poop!

Re: Are you deterred from shopping online due to shipping costs?

Well then I did the right thing!lol

I can, too, be discouraged from it.

Re: Do you care about buying hand made?

Yes!..even thrift is still re purposing! As long as we just keep what we have (resource-wise) than these big companies can go suck a bowl!.lol

I hate companies like Guess, personally...they only speak to women who club and charge loads of money for it. Ewwww

Re: Try this!! You'll never have so much fun again!

I regret to inform you that I am almost 30.lol..I'm not sure if that makes these pictures better or worse. I'll leave it to to the masses.lol

Re: Handbags Purses,made in America

Love these! Great work!

Re: Rhinestone skull sweater clip

Oh my!...They were used the in the 1950's and usually to keep your cardigan over your shoulders, but these days you can wear one one your denim pocket (which I do), on your suspenders, in your hair, on your purse, anywhere really! That's the real beauty of them!

Thanks for taking an interest! <3