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Elegant cream-and-maple-leaves notebook cover

I love notebooks, and I love Japanese cotton fabric, so I had to put the two of them together ... and it's a marriage made in heaven! This particular fabric is one of my favourites, and I think this...

Easy peasy pink top

Living in the "urban" tropics means finding a balance between clothes that are breezy enough to be worn out in the hottest of hot afternoons, and yet be able to provide enough cover for...

Honey & Daisy's bag gallery

A roomy little pink bag that I feel is perfect for a lazy Sunday brunch with your favourite book. A girl's got things to tote around, even on a lazy Sunday!

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Re: The Money Man

Thanks for sharing your story. I can imagine the money part being a nightmare (I'm lousy at numbers too). It helps to have good advisors -- a network of people you can run to for help. A friend who opened her own company in the US mentioned tax time being the worst (although it subsequently becomes easier once you know what's required!) In addition to books, I would also check out blogs dedicated to the small-business owner. There are many people out there with the right info -- many of them in the crafting community -- and only too willing to help. One thing's for sure, you do have a lot of research ahead of you! I have similar aspirations, but having read your story, I think I need to do my homework first! I hope you'll continue to write about your journey. I wish you all the best!

Re: How to Crochet a Flower, Part 1

Thank you so much for this great pattern! I love how it turned out. Mine doesn't look half as good as yours, but here's the link to it:
Thank you again!