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Re: Sleepy Kitty

Ahh, Mozart playing, rain outside, new bed...dinner in an hour purrfect....zzzzzzzzz

Re: Funny Bunny

I just took an e-course online on visuation. If I just close my eyes and envision carrots. In rows, orange with green tops, on navy blue background...the first vision should look like a curtain. Remaining focused is the key, I thick I see something...can't wait to blog about this.

Re: Playful Pup

Oh no what do ya mean the groomer's coming? Today? Here with Cesar Milan ...the dog whisperer? Can you hide my valuable Mr. T? Please...this is very perosnal. Quickly, I'm sensing a vibrations!

Re: Dog in Ruffles

I'm The Blue Boy (c. 1770) from an oil painting by Thomas Gainsborough. Perhaps Gainsborough's most famous work! I'm thought to be a portrait of Jonathan Buttall, the son of a wealthy hardware merchant. It's a historical costume study as well as a portrait of the youth in 17th-century apparel.
Just Google it...B-)

Re: 2 Pugs in Hats

(left) Did you hear that?

(right)What..hear what?

(left) That sounds like yarn over my ears.

(right) What's a Barn...yea I'd like to move out of the city to a farm too.

(left) What! No...yarn! You've become so unskeined these days for your age.

(right) What? Did you say? I didn't hear them say it's dinner yet.

Re: Doggies by a Window

(Sitting dog) Can't wait to see our siblings
(Laying dog) It's been a while since we were all together.
(Sitting dog)I'm excited about our designer outfits. With these colors, our hair, make-up and seeing everyone, our professional family photos will be great!
(Laying dog) I agree, I'm trying to relax I'm feeling nervous
(Sitting dog) I'm excited I'm sensing someone about a mile away.

Re: Doggie Cardigan

Let's see baked treats over here. Gosh look at the time. oh! There's the door bell. Hi Reese Witherspoon, please come in...have a seat.

Re: Tortoise Hiding

Living in Green Design, I have a fantasitc interior designer!

Re: Puppy Papoose

All rise to welcome her majesty "Lady Puppy Petunia".

Re: Horsing Around

It feels absolutely fabulous,makes my heart sing giddy-up! Thanks for a great birthday gift!

Re: Pup in Garland

I really feel like a professional interior canine designer now!