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Buy Handmade for Mother's Day

It's not too late to find beautiful, handmade and unique gifts for Mother's Day. My Etsy store is filled with gorgeous new art dolls and wish dolls.  Wish Dolls I was inspired by Guatemalan...

Japanese Themed Dream Dolls

These serenely beautifulone-of-a-kind Japanese inspired Art Dolls will be offered for sale at Uptown Village Market this coming Friday evening and Saturday, the 3rd and 4th in Long Beach, CA. Its...

Dream Star Dolls going Uptown

I'll be offering this batch of Dream Star cloth art dolls for sale at Uptown Village Market Handmade Artisans' Fair in Long Beach, CA this coming weekend Fri Dec 3 and Sat Dec 4. The Friday sale is...

Peace Doll for Gallery 9

This doll has been made to be auctioned as part of the Peace Project by The Whole 9 at Gallery 9. Proceeds to benefit sustainable development projects in post civil war Sierra Leone. More photos and...

Recycled Gift Box

For Earth Day I made this gift box using pages recycled from an art magazine I get. I decoupaged strips to a recycled cracker box and painted some glitter paint over the surface. Then I added a ton...

Recycled Envelope Favor boxes

To celebrate Earth Day, I made these adorable favor boxes from a yogurt box, covered with text from a magazine, and decorated with flowers cut using the Cricut Expression from the myriad of security...

Miniature Diorama Contest - Win an Art Doll.

I write a column about green crafting for Natural Life Magazine, and we are holding our first ever crafting contest. Go here to read my "how-to" about using recycled packaging for miniature dioramas...

"Journey" - OOAK Bead Head Art Doll now on Ebay

"Journey" is a 16 inch tall bead head doll, my 2009 Hoffman Challenge entry. She has a lace and beaded dress, embellished boots, and a cloak decorated with quilted and beaded motifs, couched yarns...

Moon and Stars Dream Star Art Doll

This OOAK in a series soft art doll is made from quilting cotton with a lace skirt trimmed with beads and sequins. She stands about 8.5 inches tall. Her unique face is hand painted and her hair is...

Fragrant Heart Shaped Sachet

I made a number of bead embellished small double sided hanging pillows for Valentine's Day. I have two in this blue and silvery winter color combination - one with lavender flowers and essential oil...

Valentine Favor Boxes from Recycled Boxes

I've just published a tute on my blog about making Valentine Favor Boxes from recycled food packaging. I decoupaged papers and messages, as well as making cardboard hearts and using buttons and...

Patchwork Hand Bag

I used vintage and new cotton remnants for the patchwork, a piece of vintage kimono silk for the back side, a found crochet button and lined the box bottom bag with some soft remnant silkThe...

Wool Flannel Skirt with Patchwork details and buttons

I made an A-line skirt pattern by tracing around another skirt I have that fits me well. The wool flannel is some vintage fabric given to me by my MIL. The patches, machine embroidered with...

Collaged Recycled Cereal Box Gift Boxes

I write a green crafting column for Natural Life Magazine. The current issue is about making recycled gift wrapping of various kinds. I've made a committment to avoid buying any new paper wrappings...

Crochet Plarn Garland

I crochet a lot of baskets with plarn and wondered if there were some other uses for plarn crochet. I enjoy this around 12 foot crocheted garland that I made to hang outdoors since the plastic is...

TP Roll Stars

These stars are very simple to make, and the instructions are in many places on line. For mine I sprayed the stars with silver paint. I used hot glue to join the petals and add the buttons. I...

KCup Light Shades

I love my K-Cup coffee maker, but the leftover cups collect fast. I had the idea to make them into light shades, partly because they will withstand some heat. I empty the cup, remove the paper liner...

Either Way Dolls

Here are some of the Either Way dolls I made for a house party craft fair last weekend. There were more in the basket at the start of the day! I knot the yarn hair and sew the knot into the seam with...

Black Friday to Cyber Monday Etsy Promotion

I'll be participating in the Etsy Black Friday Cyber Monday Holiday weekend sale by offering half price shipping and free shipping on a second item on all the items in my store. Mention that the item...

Pen and Ink Black and White Gift Tags

Influenced by Zentangles (TM), the intricate background of these oversize tags is hand drawn permanent marker over pages from an outdated writer's market book. The flowers are backed with...

Handmade Romantic Gift Tags

Newly listed in my Etsy store, in time for the holidays, stamped, painted and aged tag stiffened with card and embellished with individual buttons. The lotus flowers are formed from several beautiful...

Winged Victory Barbie Redux on Ebay

This is the altered Barbie (R) Art Doll I made for the Trisha Anders' Barbie Redux challenge and exhibition at 10 Women Gallery, Venice CA over the month of August. The challenge was in celebration...

Latest Dream Star Dolls

These are the latest 8 inch dream star dolls for sale at my etsy store. They have individually hand painted faces, handmade charms and beaded detailing.

Enlarge an Outgrown Kid's Tee

Stitch Witchery is a great way to stabilize interlock cotton for top stitching seams. My daughter outgrew one of her favorite t-shirts both around her body and at the sleeve. Now she cannbspenjoy...

Plastic Bag yarn bag waiting list

I continue to excite ongoing interest in my plastic bag yarn ("plarn") baskets whenever I appear in public with them.  My design uses white translucent grocery sacks as the main body, and...

Upcycled beanie

When my daughter's new fleece and knit pants needed to be shortened to fit, I found myself with six tubular pieces of fabric each with one hemmed edge. My daughter has decided to keep three as...

Either Way Dolls on Etsy

Either Way Dolls are 10 inch tall "pancake" dolls using my own gingerbread man style pattern made from two co-ordinating fabrics. I use vintage fabrics and new quilter's cottons, acrylic yarns and...

Iggy Jingles handpainted Face Bags

These fully lined patchwork bags are made from new and vintage fabrics in lively combinations, embellished with beads. The faces are hand drawn and painted. In fact they are repurposed from handmade...

Holiday Dream Star Dolls

Three of my latest Dream Star dolls, made with vintage cottons given to me from her fabulous stash by my MIL, who has been collecting wonderful textiles from all over the world for the last 50...

Shaman Spider Woman Art Doll

OOAK 17 inch art doll with internal wire armature. The eyes embedded in her painted polymer clay head are small ceramic beads and she has needle sculpted and painted poseable cloth hands. Fabrics for...

Recycled Cotton Reel Pin Cushions

I needed some small pincushions as take alongs and a way to reuse the copious numbers of empty thread reels I seem to generate. My solution: a piece of felt cut to size, a small circle of cotton...

White Maiden Art Doll

This is a 17.5 inch tall OOAK art doll with a polymer clay bead head, dressed in muslin and new and reclaimed antique laces. She is embellished with new and vintage buttons, wood, glass and ceramic...

Bead Head Granny doll

She is almost complete now and will be available for sale at So Cal Bench Project Artisan Fair next Saturday. More info at www.socalbenchproject.blogspot.com

Challenge: Crochet basket with plastic bag yarn - Eco Category

In the Eco category. About 25 inches tall and with a circular bottom also of about 25 inches in diameter. Made from post consumer recycled plastic grocery sacks, the yarn is about 1-1.5 inches wide...

Iggy Jingles Bead Head art doll Granny

Just the beginning of a work-in-progress, this art doll, based on a Wish Doll but much larger, is on her way to being a mythmaking Granny - melding many world cultures that have a Crone...

Iggy Jingles Art Dolls

8.5 inch cloth art dolls with individually hand painted faces, beads, paper beads and charms, both new and repurposed from vintage jewelry.

Iggy Jingles

I love crocheting baskets from plastic bag yarn. I use two different sizes of yarn and hooks, depending on the finished size I'm going for. The baskets are surprisingly strong and very useful.

Iggy Jingles

Inspired by Sonya Nimri's "Beadalicious" Festival of Lanterns bracelet, using hand made paper beads and vintage papermache beads and chain from an inherited necklace.

recent comments

Re: Christmas K-Cup Crafts

Awesome ideas! You know the K-cups are the perfect size to make little Barbie or similar doll crowns too.

I've slowly been adding more of the flower shades to my holiday tree lights. If I make a few whenever I'm at a loose end I'll end up with an amazing tree in a year or so.

Re: "Project Accessory" Episode 2: Bring on the Bling!

I placed my comment on Episode One by mistake, but I'll repeat it here:

Models, the camera will zoom in on your feet. Please don't lose the challenge for your designer with grungy, crusty, cracked and calloused heels. Ped Egg, pumice stone, loofah - you get the idea.

Re: Are You Ready to Accessorize? "Project Accessory" has Begun

I've been following the show. The studio set up looks like a dream for anyone who makes accessories.

But a word to the models, especially after the second episode shoe challenge. The camera will zoom in your feet. Ever heard of a Ped Egg or at least a pumice stone or loofah? Please don't lose the challenge for your designer by having grungy, crusty, cracked and calloused heels.

Re: Project Runway 9: "Finale - Part 2"

The judges seemed excited about Josh's use of "innovative materials", but frankly neoprene is not really wearable - too sweaty! I did like how he toned the down the print that Tim Gunn disiked by layering on dark mesh.

All the contestants took the judges suggestions, especially about styling, to heart. However I think Viktor managed to lose the contest by replacing so many of his looks at the last minute.

Anya will do great in the resort wear market. As a professional designer, she may not have to do much sewing or pattern making herself.

Viktor will sell out of his interesting prints and wearable separates.

Re: How to Make an Infinity Scarf

Hey island girl - what about making one out of organza or chiffon as an evening scarf?

Re: How to Unravel a Sweater to Recycle Yarn

I use yarn for my Art Dolls' hair. Thanks for the tute.

Re: Book Giveaway: Hand Dyeing Yarn and Fleece

I'd love to win this book. It has been 23 years since I first studied yarn dying, and it is something I'd like to revisit.

Re: Collaged Recycled Cereal Box Gift Boxes

Thank you. I just posted a tutorial on my blog, www.iggyjingles.blogspot.com, about making Valentine favor boxes from small recycled boxes. I decoupaged various tissues, used colored ribbons for handles, and made heart shapes from corrugated cardboard. My daughter's friends loved getting their choc chip cookies for Valentine's Day in them.

Re: KCup Light Shades

Thank you so much. I'd love to see the finished project. You may find you have to finesse the bottom where the X is cut to place them over a larger light fixture - but that should be pretty easy.

I also use the pods to make little Barbie doll sized crowns. The pods will take paint and marker, provided you are careful not to smudge the marks until they are well and truly dry.

I'll finish a batch of doll crowns and post them in a gallery here soon.

Re: What sewing detail do you find the most difficult?

Oh gosh - it's tailored notched collars on coats or jackets. I didn't even have to stop and think. Drive me nuts because they always seem to want to pull and fold over instead of sitting flat at the joining seam no matter how much snipping and notching I do. Aargghhh!

Re: Shaman Spider Woman Art Doll

Sisumama123, I wish I could answer you more accurately, but that particular doll took about two and half weeks, but working almost non-stop all day long for the final week (still working on overcoming procrastination in my life). I haven't finished the Wicked doll yet. You may be sure I will post a project gallery for it when I'm done. Meanwhile I was spending my time working on a challenge doll of a witch from Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels - Miss Tick. There are pictures on my blog, and I think I will be adapting the clothing patterns from that for the Wicked doll. I tend to work in spurts on different projects and rotate through them. Thanks for your interest and comments.

Re: Book Giveaway - Craft Challenge: Dozens of Ways to Repurpose a Pillowcase

I'd love to win this. Thanks for having so many giveaways!

Re: How to Make a Reusable Sandwich Wrap

Thanks for the information about the iron on materials. I'm glad I didn't make it yet!
I remember having my sandwiches in plain paper bags when I was a schoolgirl. They didn't go stale in the few hours between being made in the morning and lunchtime.

Re: Book Giveaway: Eco Craft: Recycle Recraft Restyle

I'd love to win this.

Re: Book Giveaway: Betz White's "Sewing Green: 25 Projects Made with Repurposed & Organic Materials"

I'd like to win this book. Thanks for the contest.
Robyn Coburn

Re: How to Make a Reusable Sandwich Wrap

If you have a particular fabric that you like, there is iron on laminate that turns any fabric to PUL, that I have bought by the yard from chain fabric stores. I wonder if oilcloth would also work, perhaps doubled.
I'm not a fan of velcro, especially for any situation where breadcrumbs could end up getting caught up in it. If I were doing this I might make a button and loop, or tie fastening.
But what fun - and you could open the sandwich wrap and use it like a little placemat which is nice in some situations where the table tops may not be fabulously clean.
Robyn Coburn

Re: How to Recycle Magazines into Jewelry

Awesome! I'll be doing some of these alright.

Re: Sewing Lessons Help Us Preserve the Environment and Get through Hard Times

This takes me back to when I was in college in the late 1980's. One Thursday a month, when I had no classes, I would make myself available at my dorm to mend and sew for anyone who needed it in the Hall of Residence. I can't tell you how many holes in jeans I patched, mostly for guys. I also hemmed a lot of pants, and sewed on a few buttons. But the big thing was patching jeans - in exactly the ways that are shown here.
Robyn C.

Re: This Month on CraftStylish

I'll look forward to posting some of my upcycling this month. I'll especially look forward to getting my serger back from the shop. I went to use it and the presser foot attachement snapped off at the screw. Weird experience, especially as it was just back from the shop being realigned with a new presser foot. Elna. Doesn't exist as a company anymore and finding the increasingly rare parts is tough and costly. I hope to buy a new serger from a continuing company before the end of the year.

As cool as the CHA show sounds, I won't be attending. They don't allow minors under the age of 14, for reasons that I'm sure make a lot of sense. But my 9 year old daughter is a big part of my artisan business, a big part of my crafting practice, and is gearing up to open her own Etsy store selling handmade jewelry and doll fashion designs for collector dolls, like Tonner dolls, and AG. She is as fascinated with fabric, paper, tools and paints as I am. It would pretty much break her heart to be excluded while I went merrily along. The Bead Show in Pasadena has no such restriction - we had a ball there last time!

Re: Organize Your Sewing Patterns with Binders

One thing that I do with bulkier paper sewing patterns - which I agree never want to return to their original envelope - is put them into a gallon size ziploc type bag rather than a page protector. This bag can then have three holes punched into the side and be inserted into the binder. The ones with the tab pull are the easiest to use in a binder.

Re: How to Draft a One-Seam Skirt in 30 Minutes

As someone with a relatively large waist to hip measurement, I have made lots of these very one seam/darted skirts in the past. But I didn't use stretch fabric. I used flannel or twill or poplin and put a zipper in the back seam and used a regular waistband. I was making straight skirts of different lengths. With longer ones I would leave a walking split in the back seam.

Re: CraftStylish RoundTable: Crafty Resolutions for 2009

I don't make resolutions, but I do make a list of goals with a timetable. I'm reviewing my goal list from last year, and I see that I achieved some, including being published in a crafty magazine - thank you Craft Stylish!

However I didn't learn to screenprint - so that will be carrying forward to this year. I also plan on finishing the first draft of my screen play by August and entering at least two art doll making contests. One is in February and the dolls are about one third completed.

It's a good feeling to get some goals finished early in the year.

Best wishes to everyone here for a great and creative 2009.

Robyn Coburn

Re: Shaman Spider Woman Art Doll

Thank you Kate. Sorry it has taken me so long to respond to your comments. Thanks you for checking her out.

Re: Challenge: Crochet basket with plastic bag yarn - Eco Category

Sorry it took me so long to reply.

This bag has over three hundred sacks in it. A single sack makes between 7 and 8 linear inches of double crochet. I'm going to do some quick math (60"x35rows/8"perbag=262.5 then add the bottom which is probably 30+ bags and the handle rows which are single crochet...).

Anyway there are probably 40 hours of crochet and yarn making in the bag. My husband keeps telling me to log the hours I spend, but since I am rarely doing one thing at a time (eg crochet while watching tv or watching my daughter play at the park, yarn cutting while talking to my daughter or husband) it is hard to do that.

Please visit my Etsy store if you would like to purchase the huge basket tote.


Re: Iggy Jingles Art Dolls

Thank you - but right now look for them on Etsy instead!

Re: Calling All Crafters...

*Always put the strings of lights on the tree first, before the garlands, then finish with the ornaments.

*I love decorative luminaires made of steel cans. Fill with water and freeze, then use one or more different sizes of a large nail and a hammer to punch holes in a pattern. Leave the cans silver or spray with metal primer and paint and put a votive candle in.

*My daughter collects Barbie dolls and many of them are beautifully dressed as sparkling angels and princesses. I made a garland from faux greenery, bunches of colored tree balls joined by zip ties, and a colored LED light string to which I add a gorgeous doll every couple of feet. The wire branches twist around their waists. I run the garland across the large archway between living and dining room and my daughter loves it. I also sit a bunch of pretty dolls across the pelmet of the windows behind the spot where we put our tree.

*I use big cookie cutters as pattern templates for cottage style soft tree decorations - hearts, bells, leaves, trees, boots, angels. I put wrong sides of seasonal fabrics together, cut out around the pattern and then use a contrasting thread to run around the shapes on my machine with a 1/4 inch allowance. I leave an inch on the bottom to lightly stuff the pillow and then hand sew on a small ribbon hanging loop and two buttons at that point. I have also used foam shapes as if they were buttons, and they work very well because they are so light weight.

*Every year I decorate the gift packages for my family and friends with unbreakable tree decorations, including the soft ones from the cookie templates. My friends get to hang the ornaments on their tree after they open their gifts.

*Several years ago we were given a year of gourmet Fruit of the Month. The carboard boxes had internal dividers which turned out to be perfect for storing similarly sized breakable ornaments.

*All our ornaments go into small boxes, and soft stuff goes into ziploc bags. Then the small boxes and ziplocs go into ordinary cardboard office file boxes with lids, which I label with the contents. I now have 6 of these and they are easy to carry, find and store.

Re: How to Make a T-Shirt Quilt

Congratulations, it looks just beautiful. Don't forget to sign the back. Quilters will often sew a small hand written (or embroidered) label with their name, the date, and any name they have given the piece. It's art. It deserves a signature.

Re: To tie or not to tie

Oh, I forgot to say - I have had some good results from using thick fleece as the backing/batting combined (so maybe not a true quilt either) to result in a really soft blanket. Lots of basting required but worth the trouble in increasing the cosy factor.

Re: To tie or not to tie

Your quilt looks really bright and comfortable. In my limited experience with quilts, it has been best to baste using large stitches radiating out from the center to prevent movement and stretching in the quilting process. I believe some people use large safety pins for that purpose. If it were me, I would probably want to stitch down very simply around the squares, either by hand or machine. I would do that in order to reduce uneven stretching over time from using the t-shirt knits. That may not be a concern for you with the other fabrics if they are wovens.

I would be worried that the fabric would want to stretch and pucker around the ties over time. Perhaps my worry is unfounded, and would be mitigated by using many ties rather than just each main corner. Even so, nothing prevents you from going back and sewing later if the the tying doesn't work out for you for some reason.

How lovely to be able to come home to such a wonderful, comfy thing each day. I bet you will be the envy of all your friends, and get asked to make some for their rooms too.

Re: Iggy Jingles

Hi. I wrote an Instructables on the beads. Here's a link:

Or you can look at a more long winded version on my blog:


Robyn C.

Re: Iggy Jingles Art Dolls

Thank you! I have just put some more onto Ebay, under the seller ID designarob.