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I am a silk artist living in South Bend, IN. I create unique collections of silk paintings and silk scarves hand painted with different themes and motives. The particular technique I use is called “the SERTI technique”. SERTI (French for "fence" or "enclosing") is the silk painting technique where designs are formed with gutta or resist liner. I studied this process in Russia, the country which is known for cultivating the SERTI technique and introducing it to Western Europe. Indeed this technique, so popular nowadays in France, came to Paris through members of the Russian Czar's family. During the Bolshevik Revolution, members of the Czar's family dispersed throughout Europe. Many fled to Paris, bringing with them the secrets of the SERTI silk painting.

When I learned the art of the serti technique, it quickly became my passion. I dedicated myself to develop master-level skills in applying this method of silk painting. In 2006 I moved to US and entered the University of Notre Dame as a graduate student. Apart from my major studies, I was taking classes in the art department and continued to improve my skills as an artist. At the same time I worked on silk paintings and some day realized that I had to start exhibiting my silk works. Right now I am participating in exhibitions and shows around the country, working with galleries and publishing my works in art related journals.

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Re: More Tips and Tricks - Sewing with Silk

Such a nice post! I need to bookmark all this information because I want to start sewing silk dresses. I paint on silk. I do mostly scarves. But I am dreaming about creating hand-painted dresses! Need to improve my sewing skills! Thank you for the post!