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I washed the tuna can VERY well. Used pliers to make sure there were no pieces of the can sticking up. I used duct tape to run around the edge and then stuffed with plain steel wool and polyester...

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Re: How to Make a Ribbon-Covered Lampshade

Neat Idea !!
Great way to add life to an otherwise dull lamp.
The sky Is the limit. You can coordinate your room colors or add contrasting for that added touch of elegance.
Make yours a one of a kind.

Re: Hi! Welcome to my Sewing Blog on CraftStylish!

Hello Miss Shannon...Congradulations of your new married life. Looking forward to your Insight,tips and any Ideas you have stashed away and would like to share.
I'm always looking for tips on making things.

Re: How to Sew a Button Perfectly Every Time

Great tip !
I have a leather jacket that needs to have ALL the shank buttons re-done. I think I'll try this. Do you sugesst any certain kind of thread for this project. I really don't want to take It to a leather shop, when I can do this myself.
Would appreciate any tips you have on this...Thank You

Re: How to Create Signature Bath Linens

I love this Idea. I have used contrasting thread and used the decorative stitching my machine offers and spruced up otherwise dull and drab towels. I don't have an embriodery machine so I have to Improvise with trims amd decorative stitching. I make sure that the trims I use are practical and able to withstand washing & drying. You can also use bands of color to give them some extra pizazz.

Re: A Quilted Lingerie Bag

You're Instructions are very easy to follow !
Thank You.
This would make a nice mother's day or even a great bridal gift with the addition of some special lingerie made out of her favorite fabric with a small bottle of her favorite perfume.
Wouldn't hurt to make a few of these up ahead of time for birthday's or graduation. Great Idea.

Re: How to Create a Bedcover from a Sheet and Tablecloth

Beautiful Idea !!
Great cover up for when you need a color change In your bedroom. The days of bedding rules are out the window.
Now anything can be used as long as It matches and Is compatable with Intended useage. Mine would require regular machine washing. So I would have to look for fabrics that would withstand the washer and dryer. Great Idea !!

Re: What are the three most important things to consider when making a quilt? Fabric, Fabric, Fabric.

I completely agree with your Ideas on this.
I buy GOOD fabrics. My very favorite is Northcott,Debbie Mumm,Kona,It all has to be 100% cotton.
Please don't skimp on your fabric for the back of your quilt project.
However,I have been lucky enough to pick up some Great fabrics for a $1.00 a yard. Once you've been around fabric enough, you can just feel of the fabric and know If It's right for your stash. I have everything from Alot of Cotton, faux suede's,fleece to satin's.I make curtains,quilts,clothes and handbags.

Re: How to Make Corset Ornaments

This is very pretty.
This would make a cute applique quilt project as well.
I think I'll try It on my grand-daughter's quilt.

Re: Welcome to the CraftStylish Quilting Blog

I have to agree with you on how addictive quilting and the Love of Fabric can be !
I started off with a tote 16 yrs ago. Now I have ALOT !
It's like an addiction. You just have to have that special yardage of fabric, because you know that If you don't get
It that day...It won't be there when you do go back.
Just buy It and carefully It take home and store until you find that certain quilt

Re: Welcome to the CraftStylish Quilting Blog

Wow ..Love your jacket ! Is It one of your quilted creations ?