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Re: How to Make a Peg Board to Organize Your Wedding Plans

No wedding plans , but have a list of chores that this would work wonderfull for . Painting it to match a room is a great idea .No more notes stuck every where . Can't wait to do this and clean up the clutter around the house and searching for lost notes . Have a spot on the wall and don't feel like painting just yet , what a great cover up . Using colored paper to idenify different things also . Wow can think of hundreds of uses for this . Winter is coming and this is a great project to work on . Then again why wait for winter .
This can be done on the next rainy day .

Re: Book Giveaway: Crochet Adorned

How very special ! A one of a kind for every one on your list . My grand daughter (11) has been asking me to show how to crochet . She could make her own gifts... this is great . She would love this .

Re: Ukrainian Egg Painting

Re: Ukrainian Egg Painting

I think the grandkids will love these . I have some dyed easter eggs that I have put in a glass case . They now fell as if they are empty . there was never a smell coming from them . So they make a nice keep sake .