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How to sew your own oven mitts or hot pads

I just finished a post on how to sew your own hot pads.  It is followed by a post for the matching oven mitt.  You can see them both on my blog.   

How to sew your own oven mitts or hot pads

I just finished a tutorial for this oven mitt on my blog.

Stacked Pincushions

The black and white cushion was made from a kit from Broadbent's in Lehi, Utah (http://www.broadbentstore.com/).  The pink and green one was made using left over fabric from the girl's quilt I...

Patternless Apron

I'm always the most proud of things I made without a pattern and without anything to go off of.  This turned out better than I expected altho I did have to remake the pocket several times...

Cute Baby Girl Quilt

This was a really fast quilt to make, so fast I ended up making two of them over the weekend.     You can check out more of my projects on my blog:  http://jandidean.wordpress.com

30 minute skirt

This skirt was made from 5 pieces of fabric in about 30 minutes.  Sorry about the blurry photo.     You can check out more of my projects on my blog...

Rag Quilt Bag

My sister purchased this pattern and we made these bags together.  I LOVE the monkey flannel that I found but don't know who made it.  Anyway, this was very easy to make.  Most of it...

Girl's Strip Skirt

I made this skirt yesterday and was thrilled with the results.       You can check out more of my projects on my blog:  http://jandidean.wordpress.com

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Re: Orange Crush

Eventually I am going to get up the courage to try to make a bag other than a simple tote. I have no idea why I'm afraid, but I am! LOL I did make an apron for the first time last night (go me!).

Re: Orange Crush

Gorgeous! Now I have to go buy more fabric. Darn.

Re: Pink and Brown Handbag

Really cute and the fabric is gorgeous!

Re: Girl's Strip Skirt

You will need about 3/4 of a yard for the waist band and hem and about 1/2 of a yard of 4 other fabrics for the stripes. Obviously, you will need less or more fabric depending on the size of skirt. This one is a size 7/8. Measure your child's waist and add 3-4 inches to that number (24 + 4 = 28). Cut the waist band that long and 6 inches high (shorter if you are making a toddler skirt). Sew the short sides together and finish the raw edges. Cut 20 strips for the middle of the skirt. These should be 6 inches wide (again, thinner for a smaller skirt). Mine are 10 1/2 inches long but make yours shorter or longer depending on what you want. Sew all the strips together, press, and top stitch the seams for a clean look. Multiply the width of your stripes by 20 (6 x 20 = 120). You will need to cut 3-4 hem bands to equal that length. I made mine about 6 inches wide (see a pattern here?). Sew all the pieces of the hem band together and then press it in half. Sew it to the strips of the skirt and then top stitch the seam. Gather the top of the main skirt and stuff it inside the waist band (right sides facing). Pin and then flip the whole thing inside out so that you can sew it together with the gathered side up. Turn right side out and top stitch the seam. Fold the top of the waist band over 1 1/2 inches to create a casing for the elastic (I used 1 inch elastic cut 1 inch smaller than my child's waist measurement).
I hope that is clear enough. I don't sew as much as I'd like to and I don't know the right terms for things. lol