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How to Create a Retro Cocktail Apron

I can't think of anything cuter and easier to stitch up than a perky cocktail apron a la Lucille Ball. It makes a great accessory for entertaining (what a conversation starter!) or the perfect unique gift all for under $10 and less than half an hour of your sewing time.

Lickety-Split Cardi-Wrap

Check out our downloadable cardi-wrap project plans.

How to Create a Bedcover from a Sheet and Tablecloth

While looking for a new way to beef-up my bedding, I found inspiration by layering coordinating curtains and tablecloths.

How to Make a Mini Clutch for Day or Evening

I love patent leather, but can't ever seem to stomach the price tag. A small, chic bag is a great way to get all the style without emptying my wallet.

How to Make a Couture Carry-All

I love fine sewing but I don't always have the time to finish an entire garment. To practice my savvy stitching techniques, I like to test-drive them on a smaller project, like a trendy, designer-inspired bag.

How to Make a Simply Sassy Purse

While creating my own purse designs, there are always a few things to keep in mind; so I've compiled a quick refresher course to help you create any design from a pattern of your choice.

Digitize Your Own Monogram

Machine embroidery helps you create your own monograms with the step-by-step directions provided by Richards Jarden in "Gifts to Make".

Pattern, Patterns, and More Patterns

Here is a PDF download of plans from "Sew Stylish: Gifts to Make" featuring the patterns for eight cool projects.

Silk City Runway Project

We joined Jennifer Stern as she debuted her Spring 2007 line for the Manchester Historical Society.

Ballistic for Balenciaga

This year, Cristobal Balenciaga is my muse. Studying the work of designers in detail can lead to new discoveries and can teach new techniques.

Two-Hour Peasant Skirt

Create a peasant skirt in two hours with our printer-friendly download from Sew Stylish, Red Carpet Ready.

Video: Test Drive Your Pattern

Make a test garment out of muslin to test your pattern. Sarah Veblen shows you how in this video.

Handy, Dandy Ruler

This handy mini ruler is a great sewing tool to keep right at your fingertips.

What's Your Sewing Sign?

If you were to turn one of your handmade garments inside out, what would your sewing style reveal about you?

Designer Tape Measure

This stylish measuring tape from Coach is handy to keep in your purse for trips to the fabric store and also makes a great gift.

Copy Curves from Fave Pants

Learn how to modify any garment pattern to recreate the fit of your favorite pants.