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My name is Jenn. I am a preschool teacher in a Catholic School. I have been married for four years to the man of my dreams. We live in the cutest house and I just love every inch of it. But my favorite part is my sewing room! It is in the basement and it is a prett lavendar color and I have new floors and Steve assembled a sewing table and put in a table that was in Fabric Land. After all the work to set up the sewing room (and way too much money on fabric!) He realized that I had no idea how to work the sewing machine! I did not see the big deal, I had a sewing room and did not know how to sew, I have a kitchen and do not know how to cook and no one thinks twice about that! So now I go to classes and I love it!
We also spend alot of time traveling. Our favorite thing to do is go on cruises. We have been to Alaska, 18 days through Europe and 3 trips to the Caribbean. We have also been to Disney, Universal, Las Vegas, Amish Country many times and spend almost everyweekend at the Jersey Shore. We just got back from a quick trip to Baltimore Inner Harbor. We are always going somewhere, but whereever I go, I love New Jersey the best!
2009 - 2 more trips to the caribbean! Why can't I find the material that they make those shirts out of around here? And am I the only person in love with moo moos - besides Mrs. Roper?

craft interests: crochet, embroidery, gifts, holidays, home decorating, jewelry making, paper crafts, quilting, sewing

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This is so cute! There are so many things that you can make with it too!
I am so excited to try it!

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this is so cute
i am going to look for the supplies tomorrow!

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I jsut love this book a week give away. I have already bought last week's book. I wish that it would extend past March. It is so much fun!

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this is so cute!

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I would love to win this book :) What a great raffle!

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I love this!
It is so cute!
I will make some for Valentines Day!

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this is so cute
i am going to make some for my classroom

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This is so cute and versatile!

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This is such a great idea!
I am going to make them for everyone!

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This is so cute, I am going to make them for everyone this year!

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This is so cute! I am going to try to make them with my niece!

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this is so cute! i cannot wait to make some to put gift cards in!

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I will definatly be spending time there to look for stuff for my prek class to do!

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I love this and I love the step by step directions!
I am going to go buy the stuff today!

Re: Buying Fabric on Ebay

I just wanted to add that you should also ask about any weird smells before you bid. I have bought ALOT of fabric on ebay and there is nothing worse than when you get that package you have been waiting for and you open it up to a weird smell or that stale smoke smell. That has also happened with some books and how doyou get a smell out of a book? Uggh!

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I love this!
I just showed it to my husband and he wants to make one as soon s we drink more wine!

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Your stuff is so beautiful! That cat is too cute!