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Gothic Rose Necklace

Black polymer clay sculpted into a beautiful rose. Each petal is formed I start in the middle and work my way around. there are alot of differetn ways to shape your petal some like up others curved...

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Re: Crafts I Want to Punch in the Face

oi I really hate china making all the beads.. findings and USA bead sellers putting together a bunch of pretty lampwork beads knowing they came from china they didnt make them!
bead sellers sellin pearls and showin one side and the back side is ugly. sure they give credit sending them back but I have to pay for the shipping! cheaper to keep them. Or china making polymer roses and taking away my income. grrrr or how about bying beads at walmart with Swarovski crystals in silvertone sliders that are so beautiful only to learn that they had lead in them and having to ask the jewelry I made with them back cause I was so worried. I cant work this is my income and where others should say wow that is beautiful not wondering how to creat it and run me out of business by mass producing it in a country that limits the birth of children. how can our government put us inventers of craftiness to the wolves like that .. ok thats about it lol whew I do feel better ty darlin!

Re: How to Turn Recycling into a Nature-Inspired Shadow Box

ya know I have some old draws i found like twenty years ago along side the road and I thought huh they could come in handy.. and for years they did holding years of hobby paints and candle making stuff and other craft items.. but then I reorganized into a craft room and emptied the old draws.. now I can make a shadow box with them. and I think I know what to do with my old baby cloths my mom will be dropping off. She reminded me that my great aunt made them before I was born.. over 54 years ago! Got to love my mom lol but what a great way to display them!

Re: Recycle Metal Cans into Hanging Flower Baskets for a Spring Party!

great idea! I was wondering if herbs would work and hang them in the kitchen .. very cool ty for sharing