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Re: Crochet-Along: How to Crochet a Baby Hoodie, Part 2

Hi Linda, great tutorial, thank you! So far I was crocheting only scarfs and mittens. This is my first attempt to proper garment. I hope you don't mind that this post will be long.

I have started as you've advised - with taste square. With 4mm hook my piece was too small - however, with some blocking (which I have never done before), it would achieve 4inch wide, height would be more difficult, but I figured, that I could just crochet more rows of actual hoodie to achieve required size. I have tested 5mm hook as well - that would give 4inch without stretching the piece (width), but again similar situation for the height.

Could you advice whether the final piece requires blocking, and therefore I should stick to 4mm hook? And if so - is blocking even possible with acrylic yarn? Or maybe blocking will not be required and I should switch to 5mm hook? Or just assume that 4mm is ok and hoodie will stretch while being used?