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Easy Child/Adult safe Ball

16 stuffed triangles make up this ball all stuffed and sewn together.

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Re: My latest blog embellished organic cotton tote bag

Roomy enough for all my groceries!! Love it because it's embellished and is big!

Re: Molly's Pincushions

Sew cute!

Re: Easy Child/Adult safe Ball

The ball shown can be purchased from my etsy shop. My shop name is "My Menageries". Good way to use up scraps of fabric.

Re: Wedding dress like a Renoir painting

Beautiful bride & groom photo, great setting. I would never attempt a wedding dress. You should be very proud of your accomplishment! And to think you had time for flower girl dresses??? My wedding dress was similar to the time period as your dress. There were rows upon rows of hooks and eyes that my bridesmaid had to hook before the reception to accomplish the bustle effect in the back. The bottom was satin and the top was victorian lace where the sleeves came down and a lace ruffle covered my wrists. It was a French gown with pearls sewn all over the bodice and high collar. I tried hundreds of gowns on and ended up with the 1st one I tried. Good luck to you and your new husband and many years of wedded bliss :)God bless

Re: little handmade doll pendant charm ornament; made of vintage beads

Awesome little doll. You'd have to make several so they would have friends. Just sooooo cute, they would make great pocket toys and gifts.

Re: How to Make a Feather Headband

I don't know it looks like she has a bird sitting on her head.

Re: How to Make a Magazine Reed Box

I am a paper addict. I'm in my 50's and still collect paper dolls. Now I will have a big box to keep them in decorated with paper! Just think of how extra special gift giving will be at Christmas time when red and green and golds will be used! Top off with some glitter, maybe some artificial holly. Or scrapbook materials to make a special box for a birthday boy or girl. The possibilities are endless, I could just go on and on......

Re: How to Make a Paper Gift Box

OMG....I'm a paper addict and I also collect boxes, they make wonderful on the spur of the moment gifts! I have card stock in every imaginable pattern and now I know how I'm going to spend the remainder of the weekend.

Thanks Jeffery!!

Added tip: An empty fine point pen makes an excellent scoring tool and it's a great way to recycle something.

Re: Nesting

This little bird nest looks authentic. Nature reconstructed, fantastic. I love it! Life in a process, great.

Re: How to Transform a Tired Tote with Patchwork

Taking something you are used to using and giving it a face lift is recycling and people think you got a new bag. Nice summery bag.

Re: How to Transform a Tired Tote with Patchwork

Nice! Everyone likes a little change now and then. And to take something that you are already used to, give it a lift and it feels good.

Re: How to Make Singleton Buttons


Re: Wall to Wall Paper

I remember making Christmas trees out of Reader's Digest magazines as a kid using this same concept. Then we would spray paint them gold. I too have worked many trade shows and pre set up was always so exciting and one couldn't wait to see the finished product. Your finished product is awesome! I just one of those is made and hung on a wall, it will create a thousand questions. Great conversation peice for a party and it's easy enough to get the kids involved. Thumbs up!

Re: Make It: Crafty Mini-Wreaths

I'm such a fabric addict and have tons of Christmas fabric. I'm going to make one of these for every one in my apartment building! Mine will include a little more bling, good way to get rid of odd beads too.

Re: My Favorite Things

cool pattern

Re: Get into the Fall Spirit with the Leaf Peeper's Tote

I love the scattered leaf pattern in this bag, however the handle hardware looks somewhat difficult.

Re: My recent Creations

I love the diaper cakes. They are so cool especially when they are over done with ribbond in the color of the gender of the baby.