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fast, easy napkin rings to sew

Looking for an idea for a dinner party or special event?  I'm preparing for a summer wedding - a back yard barbecue and I'm working daisies in wherever I can.  I'm trying to make sure that...

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Re: Beautiful Disasters

I have a blouse that I call my "blouse of many errors". I've come to think of it as a tribute to persistance.

It's a lovely princess seamed blouse in a warm orange cotton voile. I wanted to finish the princess seams with a mock flat felled seams. While trimming the seam allowance on the front I discovered I was accidentally trimming the blouse itself. I caught it after only a couple of inches, so I shortened the whole blouse - it's now an overblouse instead of tucked in.

I had to adjust the shoulder seams and collar - a stand up collar based on the collar stand from the original. But I didn't allow quite as much in the collar as in the neck. So I carefully eased it all the way around, then used a lovely embroidery stich on my machine on both sides of the front placket and collar. Repeated the stich on the cuffs and when I put the blouse on discovered that it pulled all around the neck and looked ghastly.

No way to pull out all of those embroidery stitches, so I carefully cut the collar off and did a very narrow binding. It looked very nice and suited me much better than the collar did.

Unfortunately I had alredy made the first button hole and it was about an inch and a half too far down for that neckline. So I put another buttonhole in the right place and put the buttons in pairs down the front.

Then I noticed that the front sagged a little and was actually a little too big for me. So I took the binding off the neck at the front and put a few pin tucks in from the neck to just above the bustline, then trimmed and redid the binding.

Once I hemmed it and tried wearing it I discovered that it tended to float and because it was short and very lightweight I ended up exposing more than I wanted to. So I bought some fine chain and sewed it into the hem a la Coco Chanel jacket.

I always get compliments on it!

Re: Make It: Quilted Flowers

I'm thinking that adding a little wire (a very fine one, or maybe wire florists use) under the satin stitch edge would help to shapre the petals.

Also thinking that instead of buttons in the centre you could use a cluster of beadsto make them look more like the stamens.

You could also use this technique to make leaves! I see a beautiful bouquet in my future....