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Re: Recycled Dog Sweater

Love these photos! Classic poodle at play shots!!
I also have a poodle (blue mini), and am working on some sweaters for him.
Wondering if I can modify Cal Patch's approach and use the sweater neckline on the dog neckline somehow?? I have a sweater with a V-neck knitted into the argyle design, so I'd like to incorporate that if it would work!!!

Re: How to Make a Recycled Sweater for a Dog

Looking for advice....I have a wool v-neck argyle sweater from the thrift shop for this project. The diamond design is only on the front and begins at the shoulder/neck, or top, of the front. Wondering about using the V-neck end at the dog neck end? I know this is the opposite of the method Cal Patch described and that many of you have followed, but the design of this sweater would fit better that way.
Trouble is that I can't quite visualize how it would fit around the dog's neck & shoulders that way....
Has anyone modified the approach like this?