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Friskies grocery tote

Repurposed Friskies bag made out of their nearly indestructible "new" fabric. Loop to be placed on metal hook on bag dispenser at checkstand. Metal hook holds bag on so you or your bagger may bag...

Homemade Gift Bag

Gift bag

Bottle compartment

Bottle compartment or coin purse.

Produce Bags

Produce bags made with floral netting.

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Re: Friskies grocery tote

Sorry fancypants, I haven't been on in a while. I am a new crafter so I don't know the technical term for the ribbon, but its the kind you find on backpacks. JoAnns has a nice selection of it in wild prints and such. I rinsed the bag out and wiped it with some dish soap, then set it outside upside down to dry. It retained some smell but lost it after a week or so of airing out.

Re: siouxsie t-shirt tote bag


I have Siouxsie shirts coming out... I was thinking of making onesies. Siouxsie would make a great diaper bag!