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One Piece Flat Knit motif with no seams

Tubular Double Knitting has innumerous applications. In this picture I knit a double thick, two sided circle (Yo-Yo) and turned it into a flower.

Applique Silk Burnout on wool jacket weight - LOVE these fabrics!

My 14 year old fashionista had a lightweight jacket that she wore until she outgrew it. She LOVED it. So I took it apart and added inches to the sides. To make it a one-of-a-kind, I appliqued a...

Pear Shaped Silhouette for formal wear

I knit top down. I sew bottom up! Yes, I do the hem first. This dress skirt is 3 layers: The underside will peek out, the middle has a textural print with metallic thread, and the top layer is...


I love "pu-PB" (= pick up in purl bump) because it is the same instruction for RS or WS knitting. It is very similar to "pick up in st below next st" only better (?). I'd best not say that...

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Re: How to Make Dorset Buttons

These are FANTASTIC!