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Re: How to Make Hats from Recycled Sweaters

@Mari8 - I think the half inch refers to the seam allowance. If you close all seams up to the seam allowance, but not one stitch further, all seams will end at the same point and there won´t be any opening. :)

Re: Project Runway Episode 11 Recap

I actually like Logans design very much; I could picture myself wearing this nice combination of a cool top and the flirty skirt. - Perhaps her designs are too wearable and not enough "l´art pour l´art" to the jury? ;)

I also like Gordanas version of a contemporary jacket; this also looks very wearable. Not your ordinary office suit!

As for Althea, if the collar in the model would have been similar to the one on her draft, perhaps that would look better... I don´t think her finished piece to be very interesting; it simply looks like the usual shrug with oversized sleeves - but perhaps there is more to see in person?

Irinas Cape, also with oversized sleeves, looks much more interesting to me because of the asymmetric hem. :)

Carols design is very sweet and sexy, but only wearable if your legs are 20 cm longer than the usual ones... ;)