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Scrapbooking 101: The Basics

Sure, my friends and family might laugh at the way I treasure all of the things I save from my life's significant events, but they always love my handmade cards, gifts and special albums fashioned from the things I save and give to them as presents. For me, scrapbooking is a necessity—and I'm not alone.

Add Fabric for Pretty Paper Projects

The texture or pattern of a piece of fabric is sometimes that perfect embellishment that makes a traditional paper project truly unique and special.

Make a Simple Scrapbook: The Matchbook Album

If the idea of tackling a full 12” x 12” scrapbook is too daunting or if you want a quick handmade project (perfect for gift-giving), this mini album is the project for you.

How to Make a DIY Glittery Monogram Using Foam

Create a glittery monogram perfect for a DIY wedding or just for fun.

Paper Crafters Meet Your New BFF: The Scor-Pal

For a paper crafter, there is nothing worse than uneven lines or messy folds, but we can rejoice: Crooked score lines be gone! The Scor-Pal makes folding paper a breeze.

Which Ink is Right for Your Project

When I first started paper crafting, I knew nothing about the different properties and capabilities of inks. Ink was just ink. After an embarrassing incident, I discovered that not all inks are created equal and that finding just the right one can save time and frustration.

Transform Your World with Paper

Since my humble beginnings in invitation making, I’ve been exploring every possible paper technique I can get my crafty little fingers on. Paper, for me, is the ultimate craft medium. There are few craft supplies that are so deliciously tactile, colorful and easy to work with as paper.

The Color Wheel: A Paper Crafter's Must-Have Tool

If you're clumsy with color or just in need some fresh ideas, a color wheel can work wonders for you.

Paper Craft Blogs That Inspire

Need inspiration? The Web is chock-full of amazing artists and resources. Here are five of my favorites.

Take Responsibility with Eco-Friendly Paper-Crafting Tips

Going green can be stylish and easy. Enjoy guilt-free paper creativity with these earth-conscious ideas and resources.

A Bone Folder Makes for Paper Perfection

One of my most indispensable craft tools is my bone folder. Without it I am naked and vulnerable. It sounds silly, I know, but I love that thing!

Get into Bookmaking

If you’re already dialed into one the hottest paper-crafting trends: bookmaking, you already know that this incredible crafting experience is highly addictive. But even you are new to the scene, be sure to check out these terrific bookmaking resources; they're virtual page-turners!

Make this Super-Easy Card in Just Five Minutes

If you’re short on time and need a quick card to pop in the mail or take to a party, you’re in luck. This little gem requires only a few supplies and takes about Five minutes to make.

A Paper Primer: weights, finishes, and other useful Info

There comes a time in every paper crafter’s life when she’s faced with the utterly confusing task of buying a new type of paper—65-pound cover or 80-pound text? Linen or bond? Brightness? Where does one begin? Here's some handy information to guide your paper choice towards the perfect sheet for your project.

Rubber Stamping 101: Meet Your New Obsession

They may look innocent enough, but let me tell you, rubber stamps are trouble—fun, easy, delightful trouble! The humble rubber stamp was my gateway to a now decades-long paper-crafting obsession. It’s my mission to get you hooked, too.

Crafting for a Cure

I adore companies with a social conscience—those that generously give of their time and profits to help make our society healthier and stronger. It is especially wonderful to discover that a company that I already love for their terrific paper-crafting products has provided several ways for their customers to make meaningful contributions to some very worthy causes.

A Passion For Paper

If you are anything like me, nothing gets your heart racing like a fantastic sheet of paper. Thanks to the Internet, the ability to indulge my passion for paper is only a few clicks away. Here's a list of my favorite sites to visit to feed my obsession and build up my stash.

I Survived CHA

Picture, if you will, more than 800 vendors who showcase thousands of their hottest, newest, and most exciting craft-related products. Now imagine that about half of those companies cater to scrapbookers and paper crafters. That, my friends, is a Craft & Hobby Association (CHA) show.

The Paper Crafter’s Toolkit: The Essentials

The scrapbooking boom is in full-tilt and the whole market is flooded with all kinds of projects to all kinds of things. One of the very best features of the paper arts is that you don't need a lot of tools to make something fabulous--a few essentials are really all you need. Here are some tools that I could never do without.

Sticky Situations: A Paper Crafter’s Guide to Adhesive

Are you one of those paper crafters who buys on impulse every brand spanking new to market 'must-have'? Only to find that six months later you've either never used the item or found it to be not quite what you were looking for. We all have a weakness and mine is for adhesives.

CHA Preview

Every February crafters from around the world gather in sunny southern California to scope out all of the newest, hottest and absolutely must-have-it-nows in crafting. CHA is truly a paradise of creativity. I'm wondering what will blow my mind this year?