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Autumn Decorating: Wood Shim Wreath

I've pinned many elegant, clever, and cute autumn wreaths that I would love to recreate, but alas it will never happen.  You see, my front door is completely exposed to the elements. Beautiful...

Autumn Decorating: Falling Leaves Art

On a recent trip to the dollar store, I came across some faux fall leaves.  I picked up a couple packages thinking I would make a garland.  By the time I got home I had an even better idea, a...

Unique Tooth Fairy Box Created from a Thrift Store Music Box

My oldest daughter recently lost her first tooth!  In anticipation of this milestone, I repurposed a vintage thrift store music box into a unique tooth fairy box.  Read more about it here!

Social Media Icons in Pantone Inspired Fall Colors

Try as I might, I could not find a cute set of icons that included all of the social media sites that I use, so I just created my own. Once the icons were designed, it was pretty simple to change the...

Tri-Color Ombre Bottle Vase

Autumn is near, I can feel it in the air! After an unbearable summer of miserable heat and drought, I am yearning for the cool, brisk breezes of fall. Inspired by the colors of the shifting seasons...

Tennis Racquet Press String Art

A few months ago, I found a tennis racquet press at the thrift store. I'll admit it, I had no idea what it was. I thought it would make a neat picture frame and bought it. My husband enlightened me...

Nautical Rope Lamp with Openwork Globe Shade

This lamp revamp is a fusion of two very different inspirations.  I'm enamored with nautical rope lamps also love all of the openwork iron sphere lanterns that are available right now.  Check out...

Beachy Photo in a Bottle

I think bottles are a fun and unexpected way to display a cherished photograph.  I created this beach vacation keepsake from an upcycled bottle, twine, and photo printed on vellum.  See it here.

How to Make a Wood Shim Crate Without Power Tools

We don't own any power tools other than an electric drill and a Mouse sander. My husband doesn't see a need for anything more. I wanted to make some "wood crates" for storage in our office and had to...

DIY Driftwood Tutorial

Living landlocked in the Midwest, I can't stroll on the beach collecting driftwood.  I wanted driftwood for my beach themed summer mantel, but the cost of purchasing and shipping the real thing was...