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Re: Halloween Four-Book Giveaway

Do you think the lord Jesus is okay with us making crafts? I don't.

Re: Book Giveaway: Woolly Woofers

My German Shepard/Calico mix would just love to have a scarf tightly wrapped around his neck! My husband bought "Reginald" before he went to jail and would take him into the basement for hours and hours, with only soft grunts and slurred, bark-like speech reaching me as I did all the dishes and laundry and every other chore that the house required. I don't know exactly, like, what he was doing, but he was always doing stuff like that, so its no big worry of mine. If you read this Reginald, I don't fear you. Also, my son doesn't talk to me anymore. I hope he's enjoying seminary school.

Re: Enter for a Chance to Win Four Craft Project Booklets

My husband beats me mercilessly. I feel that this book, which proclaims that it has more craft ideas than I will know what do with, will take my mind off things.

Re: Book Giveaway: Quilting With a Modern Slant

Last year for national quilting day I made a huge plate of pasta and ate it all alone. I eat to feel better but in the long run it doesn't help. I've lost all those I love, including my husband who I gave a pillow to in jail so there's no continuity error there. I guess it's another night of snickers and gravy.

Re: Magazine Giveaway: Quilt With Scraps!

I was organizing my scraps just the other day! I have so many left over from my Jesus quilt I made for my son the other day. He, of course, refused to sleep under it, muttering something about heretics, but if he wants to stay warm in the basement he has no other choice! I also had quite a bit of material left over from my Steve Buscemi tribute pillow case, so that can be used as well! My husband says he hates the pillow, but I've seen him up late at night rhythmically stroking it, eyes glazed over and lips moving, but no sound emanating from them. His joints creak as if a thousand lifetimes have worn the cartilage from between his bones and now they grind together like old gears, never quite fitting together comfortably. His fingers are limp and damp from sweat, a result of some imagined threat that lurks before. His face is contorted in fear, but he has forgotten the words to express it. He knows only what the pillow tells him. He's kooky, but he's mine!

Re: Book Giveaway: Woodland Knits

Barely any information given in this blurb! What does color pictures mean exactly? were the pictures taken in color or black and white and then painted over?

Re: Book Giveaway: Crocheted Wild Animals

My husband, currently serving 2-5 for embezzlement and intent to traffic drugs, just loves the soothing sound of me throwing his possessions into the rain. You should have loved me! Why! Why! oh god, not even knitting can pull me out of the horrors of day to day life that he has thrust upon me and Jim, my misguided mashugana of a son.

Re: 2013 Halloween Book Giveaway Winners

My husband doesn't need any adorably crocheted hats or scarves to be a monster! Who's with me ladies?

Re: Book Giveaway: The Night Before Christmas in Crochet

My son Jim, a current third grader at MachuPichu high school, is Jewish while my husband and I are christian. While I have no problem with other religions, I have been actively trying to convert him to the correct path of god by leaving Christmas themed knitting creations around his room. He was so surprised to see his handmade menorah replaced with a tiny woolen santa bearing a cross. He will soon know what jesus went through to bring the world to righteousness!

Re: Crocheted Wild Animals Winners

My husband, who is a wild Mark Twain painting enthusiast, was so frightened the other day when I left my life-sized crocheted wolf in his closet, but it needed room to set in its mold, so what could I do!

Re: Book Giveaway: Woodland Knits

My husband, A certified fish hatchery owner, never leaves the house without one of my deer-themed earmuffs!

Re: Book Giveaway: The Prayer Shawl Journal and Guidebook

Gorgeous! I cry a small tear when I read such a beautiful description of my favorite book. I recently purchased this exquisite work, what I consider a personal bible of sorts, for my whole family, including Mr.Whiskers, my husband. My son Jim wanted a bike for Christmas, but I told him a bike wouldn't help him get closer to the lord through a yarn based craft activity, so of course he pitched a fit and had to be placed in his angry room. But hes learning!