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Camo Beanie

Soldier on through the rest of winter with a camo-striped beanie. This hand knit hat is for men or women, boys or girls. Knit from a soft synthetic yarn. Machine wash in cold water. Dry flat for...

Beanie, Baby

It isn't a beanie baby. But it is a beanie, Baby. This is your back to basics beanie. Built (ok, KNIT) by hand with a recycled wool and trimmed in icy light blue-green.

Snow Fall Knit Hat is a Winner

I knit a hat for my sister. And she LIKED it! She really, really LIKED it. So I knit another and she wore it in public so I could catch it on film and post to my shop. It has a gray base with...

13! I do not fear the 13th! Posted the 13th in the shop.

I do not fear the number thirteen. I defy it! I find it LUCKY. Its the baker's dozen; the bonus donut.   This is the 13th hat posted to my new shop at http://www.etsy/shop/KnitGoodWomanKnit and I...

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Re: Book Giveaway: Animal Hats

This book would be a fantastic new challenge for me. It is past time I knitted some fauna--well, and some flora. And my personal coterie of guinea pigs (a.k.a. my 13 nieces and nephews) would be thrilled to start trying on and then critiquing--mercilessly--a new animal venture!