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Sewing since I was able to climb on to the chair in front of my mother's sewing machine. She said "I taught you to sew out of self defense." Began quilting in 1977, when I graduated from high school. I think I am one of the few graduating seniors that received a spinning wheel as a graduation present. Learned to embroider and do crewel work at an early age. Crochet, knitting and weaving. Lace techniques and dying. Degrees in Home Economics (clothing & textiles) and Art (craft concentration). Shown quilts nationally and internationally. Volunteer scout leader with the BSA. Latest career: teacher (K-12).

craft interests: crochet, embroidery, holidays, knitting, paper crafts, quilting, sewing

Gender: Female

Birthday: 08/04/1959

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Ktquilt's Sewing Room

The Ultimate Sewing Room contest entry.  Although the scale is a bit off for my taste, this is generally what my dream sewing room would look like.  Now if I just had the time to create it...

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Re: How to Make Perfect Paper Daisies

Beautiful and simple. I must remember this one for a Mother's Day project for my 3rd grade students. I might change the stem directions a bit. If you make a small hook at the top of the wire and insert it through a pin hole in the center of both sets of petals you can secure them without glue, and need not worry about popping off. Using the center as designed, hot glue it in place over the exposed wire. Wrap as directed.