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The Ultimate Sewing Room contest entry

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Re: How to Make an Impression: Extraordinary Thank-You Notes

You do make this look so easy, as I have over the years purchased books on this craft and tools such as sissors so fine pointed that I paid much money for it, and yes the craft knife you so readily speak of.

It takes a special person with this special talent and patience to create what you did. I would envy your family and friends at any Christmas gift you have created. You are so wonderful to share this craft with us and you're beautiful design. I wish there was a class on this, but I also have at times limited use of my fingers with Chronic Arthritis...which I'm sure many readers can agree with. You're only as good as your hands allow you to be.

Awesome job would love to see more of your work!!!

Re: How to Stitch Up a Felt Needle Book

This is a wonderful idea, that can be translated in to so many different projects. It's beautiful, easy, and makes wonderful gifts. Yes I made a sewing pin booklet but I included space for my sewing machine needles, that i mis-place more than anything.

With a bit of adapting my best friends daughter asked that I make her hardbound paper journal in to a nice wool felt covelet like shown above with the exception of brighter colors for a teenager. She loved it.

You can make it be whatever you want, it was nice for someone to record this wonderful idea but don't let it stop you from adding that creative flare. No person who shows their creation can not be more pleased to see how you all adapt or overcome and idea when one is found. Thank you.