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Re: Initial Your Work with Snazzy Monograms

And if you dont have an embroidery machine, you can still do beautiful work by hand. Take a piece of fabric, a pencil or making tool that you know will wash out. Design a beautiful design. Or copy a picture. Pick out good quality embroidery thread. Make the top. You can do this watching dvd's or tv. And when finished set it with an iron. Make sure you put something on top when you iron your new design. This will set it. And then when designing your pillow, make the back to where you can take the pillow in and out. That way you can preserve you top for years to come.

Re: Quilters Save the Planet

Quilters have been recycling for hundreds of years. Pioneers couldnt go to the store and pick out their favorite fabrics. They had to use what they had. Recycling isnt new for quilters. Pioneer women understood what it took to surrive. Use what you have and use it up and then find a new way to use it again. This is what we need to do. Learn to use what we have. And if you cant find the time to use those pieces of fabric or clothing, There are people who will. Cause when you are cold, or you need comfort there is no better feeling than to be wrapped in a quilt.