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Brownie or Cup Cake Stencils

Brownie and Cookie stencils... clever ways to make the holidays affordable and look like you went over board!

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Re: How to Make a $10 T-Shirt Wedding Dress

Great for a Halloween costume too... thanks.

Re: How To Create Prints with Stencils, a Spray Bottle, and Paint

We offer laser cut adhesive stencils that work really well for T-shirts. My daughters room made Homecoming shirts and they all got a sticky back stencil on their shirt.. it made it a bit easier for the kids.

We cut up foam and rubberbanded the corners together to make dobbers.. and taught them LESS is MORE...

They really turned out great!

Love the doily.. that is a great idea...

Re: How Spray-Paint Stencils Saved a Tablecloth

To make things even easier, you can check out 5 mil Adhesive back Mylar stencils so when you apply the paint, the paint will now seap under the stencil. has Laser Cut stencils or you can see some at - but you must request 5 mil adhesive back.

Awesome idea...