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Crocheted Ring

You can whip up one of these in no time with a crochet hook and cotton yarn.  Create a circle and continue around until you achieved the look you want.

Contemporary Crochet Necklace

Free Form Crochet Using linen and wood to make a necklace for an organic look.  Natural linen fiber necklace via crochet.

How To Make a Natural Wool Egg Holder Free Tutorial Inspired by Nature

This little egg holder is purely natural, using wool and cotton thread, it looks simply beautiful with an egg resting on it!  You can find the Natural Wool Single Egg Tutorial...

Paper Crochet Single Egg Holders

Crocheted Sage Green Paper Egg Holders.  I was inspired to create these and to post here on craftstylish because of Jeffrey Rudells...

Contemporary Colors Hair Sticks

Handmade, wood burned, watercolors, hair sticks.

Green & Blue Hair Sticks

These handmade hair sticks were inspired by the approaching season.

Swirl Fiber Pendant

Transforming a wool circle into a wearable piece of art, a pendant.  Wool & Cotton.

Handmade Crochet Hook

Handmade crochet hook.

Naturally Sealed

A short bit on how to naturally seal wood hair sticks to a smooth finish.

Penny Rug Wrist Warmers GREAT CRAFT TIP!!!

Here is craft tip on making wrist warmers or cuffs using a washed wool sweater.  Shrink it (felt it) and then reuse or upcycle the sweater ~ it is fun!

Handmade Hair Sticks

It is easy to make a project from start to finish when you love what you create & you practice what you make!   These are part of my Woodburned Hair Sticks.

Folk Art Hair Stick Red Church

This is my Primitive Red Cross Church.  It can be usd to hold photos, or of course worn as a hair stick...  part of my Folk Art Hair Sticks series... 

Powder Blue & Brown Hair Sticks

These hairsticks are part of my Folk Art Hair Sticks.  LM Hairsticks are all handmade.  These are light blue & brown.  (I used acrylic for the blue; the brown comes from the...

Paper Penny Rug - a paper pocket collage

I just wanted to share one of my Paper Penny Rugs ~ my collection is inspired by American Penny Rugs.

Squares & Rectangles Wooden Pendant

Handmade, woodburned & watercolors make this pendant an original.  You can make these too with some wood, wood cutting tools, sandpaper, woodburning tool, some patience, some thougtht, and...

Make your own Inked Image Hair Sticks

Each picture describes a step in the process for how to make this pair.  This is a brief tutorial to hopefully inspire you to make your own hair sticks or at least provide you with a glimpse of...

LM Hair Sticks

These hairsticks are handcarved to resemble crochet hooks, & they can be used as crochet hooks or for rug hooking those wide stitches.

Mini Brash Meshy

This is a miniature brass mesh tote.  I thought it would be great to add some washers with metallic red thread.  I am inspired by American Penny Rugs & this fascination of minenbsphas...

recent comments

Re: Sheet music flower power assemblage piece

I like this!

Re: Crafty Inspiration: Plastic Bottle Purse

also... Memory Makers and many other brands make Hole Piercers that would go right through this type of plastic... (that would be to avoid the glue and keep on sewing)

Re: Crafty Inspiration: Plastic Bottle Purse

Ooh... very cool. I think you can a use glue to adhere the zipper - first open the zipper so you can work with it, glue it and getting your hands in there.

Then use some paper fasteners (actually called binder clips) to clamp the fabric part of the zipper to the plastic. And let it dry that way.

So cool... My kids would love to hold their change in something like that!

Re: Ouef Couture (Part II): Still Dressin' Eggs...

Nice post! The wings are great!

Re: How to Knit a Cool and Breezy Button Curtain

I love this! Very beautiful!

Re: Book Giveaway: Jenny Ryan's Sew Darn Cute!

Sweet book!

Re: Oeuf Couture: How to Dress an Easter Egg

I LOVE your work! Your paper creations are amazing works of art! And I love how you left the eggs natural... I have 3 children, so we are into dying eggs, coloring, and so on.... Pre-kids, I'd paint the eggs and then heat emboss some designs with embossing powder... But now I'm off to purchase brown eggs, and I'd like to arrange some naturally with decorated vessels or baskets... thanks for the inspiration!

Re: Book Giveaway: Crafty Chica's Guide to Artful Sewing!

Looks like a fun and inspirational book!

Re: Funny Bunny

I'm content now that the cat flap is gone and I have my couture curtain. Hmmm...

Re: Dog in Ruffles

Do you think they'll waive my late fees at the library?

Re: Pup in Garland

I'll do anything for a treat.

Re: How to Make Curtains from Recycled Sheets

Wow - that is pretty easy - and I guess if you want to you can line the back with white - that would be the only sewing you need to do - nice idea there!

Re: crocheted ragrug

I love it!!!

Re: A Christmas Miracle: My Close-Knit Family

I just LOVE this photo!!!

Re: Handmade Crochet Hook

Hi there, this isn't as wonderful as crocheting with smooth metal, but you sure can crochet with a nice chunky yarn. The lines are not painted, they are wood burned for a nice even piece of wood. Thanks for your question & I will be making more, or if you'd be interested in a how-to on making one, let me know.

Re: How to Recycle Magazines into Jewelry

Great tutorial! And the color combinations are so good! Great way to recycle those magazines!

Re: I love my Ove Glove

Hey there, thanks for your comment on my wrist cuff tip - I love this tip you have here! And this is funny, but at first I thought 'ove' was a spelling error -LOL- so now I know what an ove glove is! How great to use that when you are holding material to be ironed - makes sense & I can see why you'd need it! I love the picture because I wasn't sure what was going on at first, until I read through your description! That's great! Thanks!

Re: Crazy Puffy Patchwork Heart ( Browns )

I love your crazy patchwork heart!!!

Re: Portrait in Paper: It's Not What You Think!

Wow!!! THIS IS AMAZING!!! I love how you detailed the eyes - below the eyes - well, that whole piece is just amazing.

Re: LM Hair Sticks

Thank you Carmenas! I will mail them out in the morning (Monday)! I checked out your etsy shop & I love your crochet creations! They are awesome!

Re: New products!!

I love those! They are adorable!!!

Re: Four More Tote Bag Projects for the Hook and Needle Crowd

Great links...

Re: LM Hair Sticks

They are for sale...
thanks for your comment ;)