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Re: How to Create Elastic Shirring

Oh, hooray! I'm so glad I stumbled across this today. Just this Monday a friend came over and I was explaining smocking vs. shirring, and realized I still have some of my sister's elastic thread. I watched her do shirring on a shirt she was making and had her do that step on my project for me, so I remembered how it worked, but was nervous about trying to do it myself all these years later.

One question; does the bobbin tension have to be adjusted for the larger diameter shirring elastic? I am concerned that even stretched tight it may not feed smoothly through the bobbin casing on my old basic Pfaff machine.

Re: How to Turn '80s Sweaters into Fashionable Floor Cushions

This is an idea which could help me build covers for some of our more than 10 floor pillows, which I've be beside myself about recovering since material and zippers are so expensive! Thank you for sharing, this could save me so much work and money, and acrylic will hold up better under regular washing than upholstery fabric & vinyl.
I have a Japanese-style diningroom, thus the high number of cushions which serve as chairs, and we have friends with baby boys! Every time the kids come over some of every food gets dropped and ground into the cushions. Any ideas on making them even more spill-proof, like some kind of lining?

Re: How to Recycle a T-Shirt into a Tote Bag Using Duct Tape

Thanks for sharing this! I have a little sister in her teens who will love this. I'm so rough on bags I wonder if just staples will last well enough for me (notorious book & tool hauler) but a sturdy bag out of a t-shirt I never wear sounds like a great idea for me too!
Do you know if there is a stronger way to seam the bottom without trying to shove a needle through all that glue?