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Survivor Affirmation Stone

"Cancer is a word -- not a sentence."What an empowering statement by British journalist John Diamond, author of "C: Because Cowards Get Cancer Too."Like so many others, I have lost loved ones to...

Flower Power Affirmation Stone

You don't have to be a hippie to smile in the presence of a flower opening itself for the world to see. That is the essence of flower power.Warm, vibrant yellows, pinks, oranges and reds with a dash...

recent comments

Re: How I Changed My Life by Quitting My Job

You are my idol!
Best wishes with your new venture, I can't wait to hear more about your new start.

Re: Make It Pink: How to Make a 'Millie Box'

This is simply beautiful, what a thoughtful idea and a lovely project.

Re: Flower Power Vibrant Flowers Bracelet

That's beautiful! I love the black & white check with the colorful flowers....

Re: Flower Power Raspberry Crochet on Velvet Cuff

That's gorgeous, I love the colors!

Re: Flower Power Challenge - Poppy lavender bags

Beautiful poppies!

Re: Make It: Painted Shoes

Love them! I have two pairs of Keds-type sneakers waiting for me to take the paint markers to them.
Great job!

Re: Hand-Drawn & Painted Necklaces

How unique!
I love to illustrate my own jewelry also.

Re: How to Make an Impression: Extraordinary Thank-You Notes

Absolutely gorgeous! I would love to receive this card in the mail.

Re: Cherry Blossom Flower Power Pillows

This pillow's got the power!

Re: CraftStylish Community Hits 5,000 Members!

Yay! I just joined today, this looks like a wonderful place!

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