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Re: How to Make Paperless Origami

Hi again,
One more thing, typically fusible interfacing has one side fusible..did you deliberately fold the origami with the fusible side in toward itself? For new crafters out there, there is a product available that is a teflon press cloth..basically nothing sticks to it. It's great to use with fusible interfacing between the interfacing and the iron to prevent 'stickies'!
Lorell Girard,
Who crafts in between baking, clarinetting and other projects!

Re: How to Make Paperless Origami

Hi Jeffery,
Are you familiar with using the fusible interfacing for fabrics? There are woven fabric fusible interfacings, and non-woven fusible interfacings...one actually has a weave in it like a piece of broadcloth..from your photos, that looks like what you used..do you happen to have the plastic labeling sheet that came with the interfacing to be able to name for all of us what you actually used? And if you've tried other brands/products?
Lorell Girard
Bend, Oregon