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Re: Contest Alert: Design a Pair of Doc Martens

Well, I attemted to do this contest via the website in this article. There is no selection in their website for such a contest.

Re: Chic Batik How-To

Dear Deana Tierney,

Thank you for this earth friendly technique.

Re: How to Reverse Applique a Tote Bag

Dear Diane Gilleland,

This is the simplest and best explanation of reverse applique I have ever seen. Thank you. Finally, the mud has cleared away.

Re: How to Draft a One-Seam Skirt in 30 Minutes

Thank you. Bring on more lessons about garment construction and pattern making. More, More......

Re: How to Use Scraps of Knit Fabric to Make Origami Squares, Part II

Great designer element. This has commerical appeal. Contact Designers life Donna Caron and the likes to sell your ideas.

Re: New Life Artworks- "Life" Collection

Georgeous. Keep up the fantastic beautiful work. Think about submitting your ideas to Architects, Engineers, Fabric Designers and the magazines Architectural Digest and others. Have an art show.

Re: Redeemed! -Kaleidoscope Frames

I love your stuff.

Re: Sewing Lessons Help Us Preserve the Environment and Get through Hard Times

Our Great-Grandmothers and Grandmothers past down these techniques for our mothers and us until the early 1970's when waste and waste more became a state of affairs in this great country of ours.

I am over joyed to see younger people wants to preserve, conserve and fix to save time, money and pride.

These skills are transferrable.

Re: How to Make a Mosaic with Your Old Plastic

Great place for a credit card.

Re: So CraftStylish at CHA

All things old become new again. When I was a kid we would make lavish christmas trees out of old Reader's Digests and decorate them for home and school. They were beautiful. Never would of guessed the christmas trees were old mags.

Fantastic! Booth Idea.

Re: Four More Tote Bag Projects for the Hook and Needle Crowd

I so, love this bag. Wish we had more example of florals, leaves etc that are nature bound in designs to knit or crochet. Thanks.

Re: Sew a Pair of Shoe Submarines

What a cool idea. Ever thought about selling them?? Think about it.

Re: How to Edge a Blanket in Crochet

See your "How to Edge a Napkin with Crochet" link above for more feedback.

Re: How to Edge a Napkin (or Anything Else) with Crochet

It is great what triggers a persons experience when they see a new or old technique. Good for Foundling for sharing her experiences. And thank you Permann for sharing.

Re: How to Edge a Blanket in Crochet

Permann, i just love your stuff keep it coming.

Re: How to Embroider a Leather and Ribbon Belt

Thank you for making this piece printable without an printer error codes and not extra pages that print blank.

I love this project. do you have more?

Re: The Cosby Sweater Is Back!

Where is the recipe for the Cosby Sweater. The argyle design ing red and grey at the top of this page??

the heck with a man wearing this sweater it would look great on me with a mass of victorian ruffles.

Re: Dare to Make It Knit-Along: An Easy Little Cardi, Part Three

Everyone go out to you won't believe the great sweaters, etc. They are fantastic and so are the washable yarns make with soy and bamboo (renewable resources)

A great way to get greener.

Re: Dare to Make It Knit-Along: An Easy Little Cardi, Part Three

Thank you Craftstylish. I wish someone out there would also do the knit along for cable luxe tunic by Lion brand website that went on this month, Dec. 2008. I love the knit alongs because they show pictures and the instructions that can be printed for later viewing.

Everyone get into the knit alongs they are great.