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I'm just a girl using her brains imagination to its fullest extent! :) Whether its crafting, arting, writing, or singing, I am all about self-expression. Its the only thing I could never live without.

Please visit my Etsy and MySpace, heart me, friend me, be my pal! :) I look forward to meeting you and sending you a package with a handmade pretty, sample CD, and a free gift! :) Just convo me to let me know you found out about my shop via CraftStylish!

<3 Lucy

craft interests: embroidery, gifts, holidays, home decorating, jewelry making, memory making, paper crafts, restyle, sewing, accessories

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The Ultimate Sewing Room contest entry

Greetings, Antique Cards!

These old photo cards are my pride and joy! I scour antique stores for provocative antique photos, theme them, and mount them. My favorites of these are 'old man broom' and 'smile, it's your...


These are my favorite necklaces for sale on Etsy. They are true beauties, and reasonably priced, so log in today and get what you deserve: a pretty necklace for pretty you! :)

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Re: How to Make a Multi-Photo Frame

*screams excitedly* Ah! I'm going to put on shoes, run to the craft store, and do this immediately! I'm too cheap for clamps, though, so I'm going to try using a hammer and long, skinny nails! I might glue flat marbles or painted and carved Play-Doh tiles to the frames, also, to make it even more spectacular, but glue wouldn't hold it together so nails should. I expect it to work just fine, but if it falls apart, I'll post again and let y'all know! ;)

Great idea, thank you SO much! :) My mom is going to love her new Christmas frame!