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We are Framily Necklace

This is a mixed medai necklace that I created for a friend.  She said to me her friends are like they are Framily!  I used an image of birds on a wire with a friend quote and...

Recycled T shirt necklace with Amazonite

So I've been on a t shirt recycling binge and this is another necklace.  I had part of a shirt left from another project and decided to cut it into strips and make a necklace out of itnbsp...

Recycled T shirt and Flower Necklace

So after I finished making my t shirt over I had some purple sleeves left.  I thought what the heck...let's make a necklace!  I cut 6 one inch strips.  Then I had to figure out how to...

Restyled T shirt in Purple

This started life as an XL Men's t shirt at Target.  They were under $5 apiece so I figured I'd go for it and if it didn't turn out...I was only out $5!   I had a pattern for a tunic I...

Recycled T shirt Necklace

So, I had a t shirt that is kind of periwinkle blue that was too short and wide to fit me.  I have been reading about making yarn and necklaces from old t shirts and had nothing to lose.  I...

Electric Avenue Suede Cuff

I am just fascinated by this shape.  Using more recycled suede in electric blue I added lime green stitching and a gold snap closure.

Triangle Cuff in Suede and Violet

The minute I saw this tutorial I had to make one.  I used suede scraps and felt.  After stitching the edges together I added stitching with violet colored embroidery thread.  Add a...

Suede Cuffs

I was inspired to create these by Lori of Studio Waterstone.  She uses old leather coats to make handbags and created a bracelet from a left over cuff.  Not having any leftover cuffs...

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Re: Ornamentea!

I haven't gotten to the store, but I love this site and the owner! I look forward to her blogs and tutorials every week and her witty comments on Facebook. If I am ever anywhere near Raleigh I will definitely have this on my list to do!

Re: How to Make a Recycled Fabric Cuff

OHHHH I will be making this one in the next few hours! LOVE IT~

Re: Brooches with Bite

Hmmmm I have a few unused zippers in my stash from projects I never did...may have to experiment and see if I can be a flower maker!