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Re: Book Giveaway: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Selling Your Crafts

Oooh yeah - this is me !! My daughter will start school in February and I will have to go back to work (yeah well that's what hubby expaects anyway...) I have been thinking about what to make and sell for ages but can't settle on one thing so I have been crocheting hats and trying to sell them online. It is a start and it gets the ball rolling at least. I have spent many hours making a free website to display my wares but lack the courage to sell at a market yet. I was thinking of looking in the library for a book like this one - what a coincidence I saw this - obviously haven't visited Craft Stylish in a while....

Re: How to "Scrapbook" a Box

I have a few little boxes tucked away which I enjoy going through once in a while. They are not planned but they all hold little stories and each box - ranging from carved wood to cardboard covered in shabby 1960's wrapping paper - is cherished. One of my sister's will often give my children gifts in a nice bag or box knowing that I will claim the packaging for my stash. My other sister has little shadow boxes hanging on the wall (20 or so compartments in each) which she has found and she has filled each box with little found objects and things from her childhood. It is a pleasure to listen to her go through each little story.For me scrapbooking is just one way to pass on something to future generations. I love the papers etc associated with 'scrapbooking' but I don't like the commercialness of it all. Recycling is in my bones I think.My mother. aunties and grandmother all used what they had, whether found, saved, traded or purchased on sale to create what they wanted and between them they had many talents.