I have been interested in viking culture for several years. And in 2005 I started working with the design and handcrafting of jewelry. Combined with my interest in viking age, I have made pieces inspired by finds from this period. Some found in graves, other as part of massive silver hoards.
Most of my jewelry is produced using the "lost wax" technique, where each piece is first made in wax, then encased in an investing slurry. This dries up and is put in an oven where the wax burns out, and the mould hardens. The metal can now be poured into the mold, which afterwards desintigrates as it is lowered into cold water. The raw pieces can now be removed, and cut free of surplus material. Each piece is then finished by hand.

All my jewelry is made in sterling silver or bronze.

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Viking age Christian cross

This is my replica of an archeological find from Denmark. It is dated to around 1050 ad. Cut in wax, and cast in Sterling silver.

Celtic cross pendant, silver

Celtic cross made in silver.This is one of my early doings, and is based on one of the many beautiful celtic crosses.Appr. 24mm in diameter.

Simple viking bronze belt

This is a newly made simple viking belt in bronze.

Viking silver belt

This is my viking silver belt I made last summer.

Viking mask pendant, sterling silver

Viking mask pendant, sterling silver. One of my recent pieces, based on a find from a viking grave in Birka, Sweden. Original handmade in wax, and then cast in silver using "lost wax" technique.